Prof. Fuzz 63’s Kirvin Streetman’s Sugar Bride Blues To Debut At Growl Records

Dallas’s The Prof. Fuzz 63

By Juan R Govea

A Lo-Fi alt-punk fuzz sound humming through an altered 80’s rotary phone mic at a low-brow dive bar is where you can more than likely find The Prof. Fuzz 63 taking stage.

After releasing several singles, demos and shared digital/physical releases including their last album release, 2016’s Chinese Folk Songs, the group will debut their new album Kirvin Streetman’s Sugar Bride Blues at Growl Records Saturday Feb 2 in Arlington, TX

Granted an advanced listen to the new album set to be released Saturday in digital copy on the groups Bandcamp site at

The Fuzz can be described as Leonard Cohen fronting The Cramps, or Lou Reed joining forces with The Fall. If you can grasp that then you’ll get a sense of what The Prof. Fuzz 63 is all about.

Saturday’s twelve-track album will be available in Vinyl, CD and digital download. Prof. Fuzz 63 listeners can be assured the release hits top-notch Fuzz.

The album picks up where 2017’s Bang Me Hard! (to get inside) left off, with ten new off-kilter tunes about homicide, rock and roll and other sorted fantasies set to the backdrop of Mr. B on drums, Sleepy Redhead on organ/vocals and Professor Fuzz on guitar/vocals.

Recorded at Cloudland Recording Studio in Fort Worth TX  and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Britt Robisheaux last August. The group gives sensitive issues a twist with grungy lyrics set to songs from their past releases Shit Water TX Blues, King of Hong Kong and Dayglo Legos. The new album release is set to please Prof. Fuzz listeners out of the groups label, Dreamy Life Records.

The Groups Fuzz sound is as “If Tom Waits started a surf rock band in the back of a Dallas, Texas pawn shop,” which the group states is probably the nicest thing anyone’s said about the weirdo lo-fi rock trio from the north Dallas suburbs.

In a press release the group says the new album’s title track may be the happiest sounding song about a pair of homicides you’ll hear all week, while side A track “Black Massachusetts” tells the strange tale of two men, one abducted by aliens and the other who desperately wants to be.

The album blends coherent plots with twisty lyrics for tracks titles “Bilingual Substitute Teacher” along with “Jerking a Unicorn” and “Last Rites of Spring” giving a repetitious meld to fuzzy guitars and grinning organ riffs transformed into a meditative chant.

You can catch the Prof.Fuzz 63’s debut release at Growl Records in Arlington TX adjacent to Division Brewing and Panel by Panel Comics.

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