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  1. Hey everyone! I hope all is well. My band,Bad James, just released an EP a week or so ago titled Bad James and the Glitter Heroine. We are a 4 piece punk/funk/rock band. Our most populist song according to Spotify is Amano Tomato (I’ll link the Spotify page below). We have 91 listeners and 500 streams on Spotify and just in one week, very excited about that. Our first music video will be shot in July by fellow local Cesar Valesco. He’s done videos for Razorbumps, Thinskin (his band) just to name a couple. Anyway, we are very excited and would love to work with you any way possible. We’d love to have an article done about the EP. We’d also love to premier our video in July. Thanks so much for your time. Let me know if you have any questions!


    Our Instagram is @badjamesmusic

    1. Hey, thanks! Good info here. We can mention all of this in a EP review for Bad James and the Glitter Heroine. Hopefully done by the end of this weekend. Thanks!

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