Local Favorites Help Ghost of Blind Lemon Celebrate Eleven Years!

Meach Pango +Ghost2Meach Pango and the Ghost’s 11-Year Anniversary @ Spinster Records | Photo Credit: Jessica Wafles

By: Jessica Waffles

The Ghost of Blind Lemon celebrated eleven years of supporting local music at Spinster Records in Oak Cliff on Saturday, August 4. The showcase featured Megan Storie, Jacob Furr, Mean Motor Scooter and Meach Pango.

Megan Storie started the night off with her soft voice paired with dreamy Telecaster tones. She played an eerie song about the beauty of Maine, and a few new songs with fingerstyle playing that really enhanced the beauty of the telecaster sound. The songs were like lullabies sung by a folk siren. Her set was really enchanting to listen to.

Megan StorieMegan Storie at The Ghosts Anniversary show | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

Jacob Furr followed, bringing his “bearded, sad, singer-songwriter songs,” as he likes to put it. He made his Taylor acoustic sing for the small room, playing songs about his VW bus adventures on the West Coast, melancholy love songs, and a new song called “Someday” that gave me chills. “Because someday, the clouds are gonna break / And I think the sun might come crashing down / Yeah someday, my fever is gonna shake / And I’ll wave goodbye as I lay my grieving down…”. I really hope he records this song—it was really something.

Jacob FurrJacob Furr at Spinster Records performing at Ghost Of Blind Lemon’s 11-year Anniversary | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

Mean Motor Scooter recently arrived back into town from their West Coast tour, and somehow still managed to write a ton of new music in the process. They brought their familiar high-energy, playing all-new songs in their set, getting me excited about their upcoming releases in the process! At one point they busted out a megaphone with the siren yelling, “HOLY SHIT, IT’S THE COPS!” Keep an eye out for new music from MMS!

Mean Motor ScooterFort Worth’s Mean Motor Scooter at Ghost of Blind Lemon’s Anniversary Show in Dallas TX | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

Closing the night out was Meach Pango, who walked on stage donning matching tracksuits of every color, besides the drummer who donned a rainbow tie-dye morph suit. This was my first time seeing this band live, and definitely won’t be my last. Feel-good poppy alternative rock that makes you want to move your tush. One of my favorite songs they played was an anti-love song called “Again?” with lyrics that got stuck in my head: “What’s the point of falling in love again and again…”. Their music makes me want to drive around in a car with friends in a before-the-internet era movie, getting into shenanigans of teenage years.

Meach Pango + Ghost
Meach Pango and The Ghost at Spinster Records | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

The Ghost himself hopped on stage during the last song of Meach Pango’s set, singing his favorite song by the band, “Personal Wealth.” A wonderful end to a great night, all in honor of supporting local music and the Ghost of Blind Lemon music blog. Happy eleven years, Ghost!


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