Fort Worth’s House and Tech-House Wolf Scream Records Launches


By Juan R Govea

A few years back Jay Guereca along with several DFW DJs spread their musical talents as business entrepreneurs spinning house beats at local venues. Club kids raved the scene.

Formerly known as owner of local retail operations R-Type Records in Fort Worth, and Deep Ellum’s Remix Records, Guereca has announced the launch of Wolf Scream Records and Culture District Recordings. The new label seems to be the only record label hosting house and tech-house beats in Fort Worth.

While being a self-taught audio engineer, cutting and matching beats, Guereca aka De La Muerte collaborated with mentor, and former Wolf Scream Records owner DJ Disco Ball’z from Budapest, Hungary.

Ball’z founded Wolf Scream in 2016. It transitioned into Guereca’s name as owner and track contributor to more than thirty remixed and sampled tracks. Since the first of this year, these tracks have been heard across the globe.

The Budapest tech and house DJ, is the owner of four electronic music labels: High Price Records, Deep Wibe Industries, Not Fashion Group, and Global Junkies. Ball’z has released more than 400 tracks on various labels available online at Beatport and Traxsource for download.

The label not only produces Guereca’s house tracks, but also hosts local DJ Mike Bentley aka Mikie Format and a growing amount of producers and musicians such as founder, Disco Ball’z. The Label currently features fifteen tracks by the label’s artists on Soundcloud and a sample mix put together by Guereca featuring every Wolf Scream Records artist.

According to Guereca, the nature of Ball’z and Guereca’s partnership is through the music, exchanging songs while developing an online friendship. He purports that the nature of the business is not knowing every artist personally, but rather supporting the music. In so doing he discovers demos that fit the label’s house-tech vibe.

“The idea of me owning a label gives me a launch pad to release and green-light my songs through promotion while still promoting other artists,” Guereca said.

Guereca being on top of the house music global scene says that maintaining a label requires hard work, which includes mixing tracks as well maintaining a visual element such as track artwork, etc. Mastering is done in Nashville, Tenn. at Sage Audio, which Guereca says is a trusted audio mastering service where he sends new tracks once they are mixed.

“This is Fort Worth’s only house music label. With Cultural District gearing up to build something, and put Fort Worth on the map,” Guereca says. “As much as I’m involved, I can’t really say of another house tech music label.”

Cultural District is Guereca’s personal label.

Interested listeners can check out the Wolf Scream Records label at, and demo considerations can be sent to


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