Nathan Clark’s Empty Angels “Triptych” debuts, limelight’s with video

Nathan Clark of Denton TX’s Empty Angels
Nathan Clark’s experimental rock group Empty Angels released a new track and video titled “Triptych”. Under the production of Clark’s synth/glam rock style with Ian Clark on the keys the unique videography, produced by the Empty Angels front man and Tahnee Fennell shines in the disco ball limelight.
The track entitled “Triptych” fits well with the artistic composure of the video and accompanying poetic lyrics creating somewhat of a virtual avant-garde club kid scene in sound and vision.
Based in Denton, TX, Clark formerly released his EP entitled Augmented Reality For Ugly Lovers this past Valentines Day. “Triptych” fits well with the EP following suit in style and sound.
Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by the Denton artist himself, Clark’s audio-based vessel envelops the listener’s mental, physical and spiritual consciousness.
“Civic forfeit life no control / Confuse / I’ve felt you, forever in the desert in me / can’t get through / Detached from the hurtin’ I’ve caused for who? / Don’t let it get too far cause soon enough, emotions forget us too.”
Triptych’s lyrical verses and accompanying chorus entrances a flashy, bedazzled and futuristic feel. The poppy and dramatic vision of Clark and Fennell’s “Triptych” video fits into a dance-rock genre somewhat kin to Chromeo and Calvin Harris.
Being an experimental rock group, the song carries itself instrumentally and is in sync with the video. Clark’s vocal rhythm attracts the listeners’ perceptions with abstract ideas about love, loss and life trials in a very artistic and entertaining ways.
Besides Empty Angels, Clark (along with Bowling For Soup frontman, Jaret Reddick) have released several tracks and EPs from their group, Allegheny Drive since 2016.
Empty Angels is a primarily solo project, and reverberates sound and feeling in a trippy and glamorous way.
Check out Empty Angels “Triptych” video on YouTube. The track is available on digital platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud.
“Triptych” by Empty Angels

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