Waffles Weekly February Edition

All photos and blurbs by:Jessica Waffles of Waffles Weekly

Remy Reilly

She’s an incredible singer, a unique songwriter, a class-act performer – and she’s 14 years old. Remy Reilly stole my heart last summer with her enchanting renditions of “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac & “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. Then I heard her original songs, and my heart grew fonder! This spunky little fireball just released her first single, “26” – available on Spotify – which tackles topics of bullying and self-love. Absolutely adoring this song, I literally played it over 20 times the first few days it was out. It’s truly an awe-inspiring feeling to hear this young woman with such a powerful voice, a great humble attitude, and a good head on her shoulders. Check it out now & look her up to see a show in the DFW area, excited to hear more from this artist!

Pic: Remy Reilly @ Spinster Records for her “26” single release party 2/10/18

Mitchell Ferguson

Some singers have great songwriting skills. Some singers have booming powerful voices. Some singers can play guitar like a beast. Mitchell Ferguson has all of these talents and more, taking the country by storm as he plays out his latest EP release, “Basement Statements.” He’s got that nitty gritty sound that makes you get your stank face on, often accompanied by his brother Michael Ferguson on drums making those I-can-tell-you’re-a-good-drummer-by-your-crazy-face looks. One of my favorites I’ve seen live from these boys is Ferguson’s original “Oh My God,” sending chills through the air with its electricity. He also released a fun little music video on the streets of Deep Ellum with Cinderblock of his single, “Go, Kid, Go” on YouTube. Catch him bouncing all over Texas & St. Louis – I’m sure this year will take them many more places to bring their raw talent.

Pic: Mitchell Ferguson @ Deep Ellum Art Company 2/21/18

Colleen Francis

I’ve been obsessed with Colleen Francis since I heard her play Sambuca Uptown, giving life to the dying days of the venue. Her sultry voice & upbeat attitude make for some of the best lounge music I’ve heard in Dallas. I picked up a copy of her 2015 release “Golden Cage” and it’s been on repeat in my car for weeks. It’s also streaming on Spotify (so you better go check it out). Her powerful vocal range compares to that of Amy Winehouse & Adele, so if you’re into that she’s your next favorite female singer. Her song “You Had Me At Goodbye” takes a look at an all-too familiar feeling of having emotions creep up on your when all you wanted was a fling. Great songwriting, great voice. Can’t wait to see what this awesome chick has in store with new music.

Pic: Colleen Francis @ Sambuca Uptown 2/19/18


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