Hayden Miller of Fort Worth’s Dead Vinyl

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By Leticia Garcia

Hayden Miller is a guitarist and vocalist. He’s currently the front man for Dead Vinyl.

He learned to sing through school choir and has been playing guitar since 9 when he got his first mini fender and hopped into lessons. He grew up the grandson of a well-known steel guitar player who played with innumerable country musicians including acts as big as Willie Nelson. Miller met people like Hank Thompson before he could even understand the concept of a musician.

Growing up, he listened to what the grown-ups listened to. He liked bands like the Beatles, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC. Classic rock had a huge influence on his style and by 15 he was emulating artists like Neil Young. That is, until he met his friend, Nolan Robertson, at 16 and started practicing recording and composing all the elements of individual songs.

Through practice, he learned lessons only time can teach, and he’s been playing music consistently with his best friends ever since. Miller also likes keeping an eye on local bands from other areas. He still jams the classics, but lately likes getting down to local bands like Shakey Graves from Austin, Groves from LA, and North by North from Chicago.

Photo Credit: Zach Burns

As singer for the band, Dead Vinyl, based in Fort Worth. Their sound is like Led Zeppelin meets Otis Redding and they have plans to tour the east coast in the upcoming year. Miller and the band have altruistic hearts and have decided to speak out against the oppression of 2018.

This year, and ongoing, Dead Vinyl has decided to donate 15% of their proceeds to underfunded, positive organizations every quarter. Their first donation will be to Planned Parenthood in March.

You can catch Hayden Miller and Dead Vinyl playing live:

March 9 at Twilight Lounge Dallas

March 15 at Threadgills in Austin

April 14 at Main at South Side

April 20 at Lola’s Saloon

“Like anything addicting… there are lows to music that make you want to go right back to music.”

-Hayden Miller

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  1. This guy has loved music his whole life. It’s in his DNA! You will never meet a kinder ore loyal and devoted person than Hayden Miller! The bond he shares with his best friends in Dead Vinyl is inspiring!

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