The Men of Fairmount From Calendar to Charity


By: Juan R Govea

What started out as a humorous 2013 too hot to touch yet sensible calendar featuring the bearded and tattooed brutes of Southside’s Men of Fairmount has somewhat sparked another fire by 30-year-old MoF member Jake Hill. Last month Hill as well as local supporters and sponsors helped organize Fair Fest, which featured 12 local bands performing for charity at 1002 S Main St, Fort Worth, TX Main at South Side (MASS)

The event encouraged music appreciation for De Zavala Elementary School’s Music Department. Local sponsors and Fair Fest proceeds amounted to more than $4,000 for cost of musical instruments donated to the school, Hill said.

27973240_1955239607836771_6298723557874730769_nMeach Pango of Hand Drawn Records performs at FairFest photo credit: Juan R. Govea

Performances by Hand Drawn Records’ Meach Pango along with several other DFW natives such as VYLIT and Joe Gorgeous helped ring in the totaling amount.

The response from Fair Fest event attendants was overwhelmingly positive, Hill said. “I think anytime you go to something like this and there is an awesome charity project involved people are still gonna be glad to come and support the cause.”

27655316_1955239877836744_8600363337059774739_nVYLIT Guitarist performs at FairFest 2018 Photo Credit: Juan R Govea

Hill has uniquely carried out the unofficial Men of Fairmount name from the originating humorous calendar to a promising charitable organization focusing on giving back to the community, which it has since 2013 he says, when The MoF raised $6,000 for a young Leukemia patient. The 2013 fundraiser encouraged Hill to do more for the community and says it catapulted him to organize more charitable events like FairFest.

“As far as the administrative side of the Men of Fairmount goes, I’m kind of a team of one, but have help from others. I wear a lot of different hats when I’m planning events. I create the event concepts; do all of the fundraising, graphic design, band booking, event planning and execution, etc.” Hill says.

As the founder of Men of Fairmount in its current state, Hill says the organization averages about one event every one and a half years. “I work a full time job, but things have settled in a little for me lately and I think I’ll have plenty of time to start pumping out more events” He says. “The Men of Fairmount is not necessarily a membership deal though, with members paying dues. It’s more of an ideal. An embodiment of what community should look like.”

While $800 was left in debt to the amount spent for the total cost of instruments purchased for the De Zavala School, Hill’s Go Fund Me account covered more than the cost in less than 24 hours with the charity ending with enough funds to buy an additional 6 Ukuleles and 5 Guitars for the Elementary School, hill says.

27752612_1955240974503301_762686723912419733_nVYLIT Keyboardist at Fair Fest Photo Credit: Juan R Govea

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