A Brief look at Cody Lynn Boyd, New Releases In The Future

FullSizeRendercontributed photo by Cody Lynn Boyd
Photo Credit: Jesse Anderson

By Leticia Garcia

Cody Lynn Boyd has been writing songs since he was 16 years old when he was gifted a guitar from a friend. Boyd looks to artists like Chris Isaak, David Bowie, Screaming Jay Hawkins, and Queen for inspiration. The influences of these artist can easily be found in his music, which can be found in digital form online.

Boyd picked up a harmonica in lieu of a band, but enjoys hitting the stage with friends when time permits. He has new recordings that will be coming out soon and sporadically over the coming year. He’s currently in the studio perfecting the sound on some choice tracks with the talented engineers at Audio Styles, Taylor Tatch and Joshua Ryan Jones.

The artist’s first experience with recording came in 2016, when he co-produced a 12-track album with the help of his friend, Mat West. The album titled, The Late Recordings is available on his bandcamp page where listeners can find his most recent fine tuned and perfected works and singles on the page as well. Be on the lookout for more coming soon like the revised November 2017 release, I Played With Fire.

Catch Cody Lynn Boyd playing live March 23rd at Shipping & Receiving in Fort Worth, TX



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