Barf Wave, New Record Label to Showcase 17 Acts at SXSW

By Juan R Govea

Austin’s SXSW is drawing near and spotlight showcases are in the making as local and national gig spotters and show makers are setting up and taking aim at The city’s annual event.

Spawning the hype, local music makers, Charlie DeBolt and Kevin Adkins of Denton/Dallas’ punk group Teenage Sexx; Taylor Smith, Savannah Loftin and Eric Vaughn Eisenman from Dallas’ Loafers as well Dallas local Alex Mitchell of Party Static are a combined set in sponsoring their Barf Wave label at Austin’s The Local at 2610 Guadalupe St. spotlighting a one day showcase at their unofficial SXSW party kicking off March 17.

18076788_1881296862088771_2644129926569710741_oAaron Mireles, Sub-Sahara Frontman to perform at SXSW Barf Wave Showcase.
Photo Credit: Erin Devany

DeBolt, the primary planner of the SXSW Barf Wave event says the showcase was put together by him and Seth Grooves a regular at the Austin dive bar, saying the unofficial event will help showcase some of the labels artists to the SX crowd.

“My buddy asked me if I wanted to help him book a showcase this year and after some thought I pitched the idea to him to let Barf Wave sponsor,” DeBolt said.

The SX showcase lineup is “quite” solidified, he says, which includes 17 in and out of state bands and Barf Wave artists.

“We have a few artists on the bill in return for promotion of the event through our label, DeBolt says. “The more you collaborate with people, especially people from multiple cities during a huge festival like SXSW, the better your chances of visibility.”

vacation baby schoolTeenage Sexx to perform at SXSW Barf Wave Showcase March 17 At The Local in Austin.
Photo Credit: Erin Devany

Adkins, Teenage Sexx vocalist and bassist helped with the newly emerging label as one of the six Barf Wave label founders stating the idea of the new label had been on the groups mind for a few years.

“We had been talking about doing something along the lines of a record label for a while,” Adkins says. “It just kinda helped us take a step into booking and then getting our music on to CDs.”

Smith, Loafer’s guitarist and vocalist, says hopefully more artists will be added to the current bands on the label. “Thurst, Loafers, Teenage Sexx, Sub-Sahara, The Delzells, Springtime and The Changes, Poison Culture. That’s all right now but we have a couple locals that we are probably putting out soon.”

Besides the showcase drawing attention to the garage rock/punk enthusiasts, the label hosts a monthly DJ set, Barf Wave Plays the Hits at Deep Ellum lounge bar The Nines.

24883303_2248990885126896_810892888230538678_oLoafers of Dallas TX, one of 17 Bands to Perform at Barf Wave SXSW Showcase.
Photo Credit: Erin Devany

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