SHARPY//Metal Meets Psych Doom

FB_IMG_1498771340035 By Juan R Govea

With a current record titled Release Me Save Me and an upcoming single EP titled Artificial Equality close to its release in January, the musical group known as Sharpy is somewhat the heaviest non-metal band on the scene, so they say.

With every member’s different musical motivators such as Tool or Joy Division The doom sound of Sharpy is distinctly appreciated in Fort Worth.

Lead singer Chris Perez states that while the band’s musical influences differ in sound and interpretation the band continues to prevail and keep the experimental gap open.

“We do go through ideas to jam on for experimentation,” Perez says when it comes to the group coming together to rehearse. Perez states that the commitment of the group is always there or else the ending beat will never be fully committed and fail.

The group consisting of Chris Perez (Vocals), Amy Tate (Bass), David Welty (guitar) and Benjamin Drewes on drums, the group, Sharpy, is currently seeking a label, but are affiliated with dot com Entertainment Group going on 2 years.

Their Last album Release Me save Me was recorded in Ohm recording facility a micro mega studio in Austin TX, Perez says, with the next release Artificial Equality actually recorded during the process Release Me Save Me was recorded with Sharpy drummer, Drewes on guitar.

The 4-piece band have a near psychedelic sound that carries the listener into a mellow sedation with a sonic blasting crescendo exploding into awakening riffs leaving the listener in a commune of adrenaline.         FB_IMG_1503366206534Photo Credit: John Irwin (@dfwbandstalker)

“If I were to describe it to someone it would be doom progressive with dramatic vocals, almost like a Doors-esque approach to Type O Negative-style heaviness,” Perez says.

The official release of the last album was April 23, 2017 at Lola’s Saloon, where the first physical and digital copies became available.

As a new catalyst drawn from two genres, Sharpy is deep, dark and heavy, Perez says, describing it as heavy music with a psych approach to metal and doom, stating, “You can feel the doom.”

As for their summer 2018 EP release Perez states that the new single is somewhat an omage to the last album.

The group recording at Ohm Studios along with their single featured Mark Deutrom, Ohm Studio producer and former alt-punk bassist from the late ‘80s-‘90s group The Melvins playing cow bell for the new single.

Perez states Deutrom seemed to connect with the band as well Amy Tate’s (bassist) influence in bass playing style.

Be sure to catch Sharpy at O’riley’s Billiards in Dallas on Dec. 15 and at Main At South Side Jan. 20 where they will release their new single, Artificial Equality.

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