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Cure For ParanoiaPic: (left to right) Stanley Francisko, Jay Analog, Tomahawk Jonez, and Cameron McCloud performing at Trees Dallas 12/2/1

Easily a local favorite, Cure For Paranoia has been taking over Deep Ellum for more than a year. These boys hold down a residency at Drugstore Cowboy, have toured with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and constantly pop up in venues like Trees, Club Dada, Three Links, The Bomb Factory, and more. Their unique sound is brought by 2 vocalists and 2 music producers, all creating dynamic melodies influenced by several different genres – making it difficult to label them under any particular category. Hip-hop may be the first to come to mind, but there is so much more going on than that. Check them out at a local show soon, I have a feeling they’re going to be picked up and taken around the world soon by someone who recognizes the true brilliance in their work.
Sagacious ZooPic: (left to right) Alex Snell, Jake Smylie, Brighton Dwinnell, Southern Simpson performing at Wits End 12/9/17

Led by an energetic singer with a mandolin, Sagacious Zoo is a breath of fresh originality that caught me by surprise. Their upbeat vibe coupled with great band chemistry makes them stand out in a “hey-let’s-forget-about-life-for-a-minute-and-just-dance” kind of way. They describe their genre as “an accessible palette of rock, folk, punk and jazz.” Loving what I’ve seen from them so far, looking forward to what might be in store this year for these cool cats.
Cameron SatherPic: Cameron Sather performing with Werewolf Therewolf at Trees Dallas 12/15/17

Local drummer Cameron Sather has been putting in work all over the DFW area, as a member of several bands (Abelia, Werewolf Therewolf, In Cycles In Circles) and working with many other artists to fill out their drummer needs for shows & recording. Sather is a lifetime drummer, last year giving up the “9 to 5” to pursue supporting himself through his craft, as well as specializing in drummer promotional videos & drum lessons. Everything drumming, all the time. He’s a inspiration to anyone looking to live the life that makes them happy. Check out his work with his respective bands, and look him up if you need a drumming promo video or lessons. Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for this great artist!


Chilldren of Indigo Chilldren of Indigo, Jo IndigoChilldren of Indigo | Jo Indigo, frontman for Chilldren of Indigo

Chilldren of Indigo has started hosting a weekly jam in Dallas at Lekka Henderson, bringing the beats every Thursday with their unique blend of rock, funk, hip-hop and blues. Performers are more than welcome to join in the fun, whether it be on instrument or vocals. This quirky weekly jam began just a few weeks ago and will continue for weeks to come. Check out the fun this week!


Silas NelloSilas NelloSilas Nello | Silas Nello at Longhorn Ballroom.

Silas Nello has been coming up this year, having released 3 music videos and getting ready to make a new album release, “Out Of The Light” with Handdrawn Records. Caught up with Silas and his band at Longhorn Ballroom a couple of weeks ago for the Cedars Art Walk Afterparty. Look out for Silas on the nominations for Dallas Observer Music Awards’ Best New Act and Best Rock Act. He’ll be playing Dec. 9th at Sundown at Granada with the Roomsounds. Show starts at 10:00PM. 


David ‘Dar’ CarrollIgnite Art Collective, DARIgnite Art Collective / DAR | Ignite Art Collective Resident DJ and Co-Founder, David ‘Dar’ Carroll. Background art by Preston Pannek and Izk Davies.

Ignite Art Collective has been steadily growing in Dallas over the past few months, gaining support from Deep Ellum Art Company, where the group has hosted “Flowmoon” events and has supported art shows with DJs on indoor and outdoor stages. The members of the collective include DJs, LED & fire performers, visual artists and photographers, all working together to build a community in Dallas that supports the arts. It seems fitting that Deep Ellum Art Company has become a second home after moving out of a backyard, as the goals of the venue reflect the same as those of the collective. Check out Ignite Art Collective’s event Flowmoon at DEAC on Dec. 16th, 8:00PM – 2:00AM.


BJ Stricker & The KingsBJ Stricker & The KingsBJ Stricker & The Kings | Pictured (left to right): Ryan Dahir, BJ Stricker, Mario Valdez, Patrick Smith, David Wilson.

BJ Stricker & The Kings hosted a listening party at the Butler Brothers building in Dallas Nov. 1st, showcasing the songs of their upcoming album “Roam.” Their sound comes with influences from folk to rock to blues and jazz fusion, led by songwriter BJ Stricker. This up-and-coming band is jam-packed with great talent, each artist bringing a special flavor to the group. Check out their on-stage chemistry at the album release party on Dec. 8th at Deep Ellum Art Company in Dallas, show starts at 9:00PM; $10 advanced tickets, $15 at the door. 


Ryan Berg & The Velvet EarsRyan BergRyan Berg & The Velvet Ears | Ryan Berg

Ryan Berg & The Velvet Ears have been gaining traction since their album release in July of self-titled album, “The Velvet Ears.” Leader Ryan Berg consistently puts in work with local venues, performing 4-5 times a week either solo, duets, or full band. The acoustic-driven blues/jazz band evokes emotion in each performance, with wistful lyrics and Berg’s unique gruff voice. Catch the full band at Granada Theater on Dec. 30th in support of Bob Schneider, starts at 8:00PM. 

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