Erin Curry, Dissecting An Artistic Medium

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The artistic expression of Dallas’ Deep Ellum artist Erin Curry is attributed by her past work in the sciences, but with a biologically oriented and inspired twist. From Dia De Los Muertos work to something more experimentally abstract, the 30-years-old Artist, Curry states her science background is more than an inspiration for the past 4 years as a professional artist.

With a technically mixed media of colored pencil and watercolor Curry states the pen and ink illustrated media are ones that she favors, with most illustrations imagined in Pen and Ink on wood or different medium.

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Curry’s work is fine tuned to the specifics. With Illustrations that somewhat illustrate ideas of reproducing life or dissecting an organic model for interpretation, her work is beyond original with the likes of many Deep Ellum Artists.

While admiring renowned artist, Mab Graves, pop Surrealist from Indianapolis. Curry states that while admiring the art of well known artists of different media she aspires by the work of many driving forces including her father who is an inspiration in design and architecture.Bisect Newsletter

Curry’s art is represented in several ways but it seems the artist favors simple wood as a medium with illustrated biological pieces.

Art shows coming up:
Curry is the featured artist for the Tempe Festival Of Arts a biannual art show Dec. 1st 2nd and 3rd where Curry made a specific piece for the art show.

Curry, a Dallas Deep Ellum Artist and resident of Deep Ellum Kettle Art Gallery will have her own as well as other local artists work for sale at the Holiday Presence XIII. The collective artists share pieces for sale under $200 dollars at the Gallery

As for Curry’s online art work for sale you can go to or where you can find most prints and originals, while there are also commission works Curry is working on while not being swamped with traveling for shows, producing 20-25 commission works per year, Curry usually doesn’t say no to commission work but can put clients on a schedule.

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Erin Curry

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