Musicians, do you have a rule for drinking before a gig? If so, what’s your rule?


Dylan Withers, band member for Denton, TX rock group Azuline asked local FB musicians for pre gig drinking rules or rituals. FB friends and local DFW musicians responded.  (edited with musician’s attributed band or lack there of)

S. Ketner (local DFW musician and brainworthy logic nerd)
“One drink per set. Heard from M. Baxter one drink of alcohol per hour actually offsets cortisol production (stress). Helps me relax having a very slight buzz going on…”

C. Ryan (Denton, TX native and musician)
“2 beers one shot before, free for all during and after.”

A. Pennington (Denton Musician, Felt & Fur)
“At LEAST two beers before. Finish the second during setup. Then a third during, then one more after. And I always regret more than that because of how quickly those beers go down! Say no to shots!”

C. Park (Local radio DJ)
“I work door in a music venue, and I don’t drink until I pay the bands out….math is hard.”

A. Lyon (Dallas Musician and multi-instrumentalist)
“I refuse to drink or smoke. Only drink a little bit of tea”

B. Geer (Guitar Slinger)
“A man has got to know his limitations!”

B. Lea (Singer-songwriter for Jetta in the Ghost Tree/Flickerstick/Dance Instructor-Tap)
“1 hour before the show depending on your intake threshold. 2 beers 2 shots then whiskey pineapple NEAT if singing. Whiskey burns out mucus and pineapple makes you salivate so you don’t dry out. B-12 injection before the show does wonders. That’s the PG-13 version anyway. (Jokingly)”

J. Todd (Musician  Lord North)
“I used to ruin my sets by overdoing it. With nothing, my nerves do terrible things to me.”

B. Bigmuscles (Dallas Musician for Dallas band Party Static)
“Depends on what instrument I’m playing. I can get away with more on guitar than I can on drums or bass.”

L. Emerson (local DFW musician)
“Herbal tea works better.”
R. Haskins (Denton TX Audio Engineer and musician)
“Is the gig going to hurt? If so, drink.”

J. Frederick (Denton musician)
“9 shots of clorox and you don’t have to play”

B. Geer (Guitar Slinger)
“1 before, and a fresh one when I walk on.”

C. Brand (Bass, Synth for Dallas Bnd Pleasure Crisis)
“Drink after”

J. Slavens (Denton, TX, Ten Hands)
“First thing you do when you walk in a new club to set up , before sound check, before you bring in the first piece of gear, you walk up to the bar and ask what the drink deal is for the band. Let them know you expect to be treated well.”

-H. Baskin (Denton Musician)
“Rule: don’t be f*$#@ stupid! Bam! Takes care of everything.”

Pudge Brewer (Denton, TX Musician)
“I usually try and go with as much as possible.”

-C. Avant (Musician)
“1 Beer 1whiskey 1shot to loosen up. Water, Water then get throwed when set is over.”

-M. Williams (Dj Mike Vivid)
“I only have like 2 beers if Im working an event . Gotta keep it professional.”

J. Doe (Denton Musician)
“Most of the time I won’t drink at all 1st set, or maybe I’ll have a beer. If it’s a 2 set show I may have 1 or 2 total, if it’s a 4 set show i may have 3-5 by the end. There are exceptions of course. The more BS a gig is, or the lower it pays, the more I may drink.”


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