Haunted Miss Molly


By Denise G. Jimenez

The Historic Fort Worth Stockyards is the perfect place for mouthwatering foods, good drinks, great music and apparently, it can also be a place for an adventurous scare! The Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District website bares the entire truth of this bed and breakfast’s checkered past. Miss Molly’s Hotel was built in 1910, back then it was a boarding house for wealthy Texans called ‘The Palace Rooms’. Then, supposedly, during the prohibition era, the Palace Rooms was converted into a speakeasy. But, after the economy took a bad turn the now historic bed and breakfast became the, ‘Gayette Hotel’ bordello! Imagine, a brothel being ran in the Fort Worth Stockyards with rowdy gun toting gamblers and misfits running about.

Seems like back then, Fort Worth was a whole other world, and apparently some restless souls have decided to join us in this one. Visitors of Miss Molly’s Hotel often claim to hear disembodied voices, children laughing, lights being shut off, and even toilets flushing on their own. However, some guests claim to have petrifying encounters that left them in tears. The paranormal research group TexPart Paranormal LLC, has investigated the haunted hotel and the results of their inspection were shocking and further solidified the belief of ghosts and spirits to some who may have been skeptical before. TexPart Paranormal LLC, used the psychic abilities of some of their members to communicate with the disrupted spirits, and the story they told was a somber one. Supposedly, a prostitute from the 40’s reached out and revealed how she was stabbed to death, as well as a young woman who had passed from a lung infection. Some investigators claimed to have been touched by invisible hands in room number four, even having their leg rubbed by a frisky ghost. The investigators claim some of these spirits don’t know they have died yet, while others knew what year it was. This might sound laughable to those who don’t believe in psychics or ghosts, but to those who do believe in the paranormal, these incidents are compelling evidence of a haunting.

Do you believe in ghosts? In 2009, the Pew Research Center released a survey that revealed that nearly one in five American adults believe they have seen a ghost or has been in the presence of one. Have you ever experienced an encounter with a spirit or something even more menacing like a demon? If so, let us know by sharing your story on our Nuestra Voz Facebook page!



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