DFW Metal: Wrought of Obsidian 

Hails to the finely tempered metal lash of the Wrought of Obsidian. Beyond constructs of mind and reality the oath bared to the sounds of a rising crescendo of Kirk Kirkwood (guitar), Andrew Austin (leading rasped vocals / guitar) with the timely fashioned descendo of Nathan Fenoglio (Bass), and Eric Park(drums) give no barren to the guild of Wrought of Obsidian’s talent and harmonic progression.​ The formerly know Hyperion and Scarline has given the right of passage and bearers of a new dawn to a new guild. The conformation of bassist Fenoglio and guitarist Kirkwood set a strong foundation for the DFW band; carving their mark in stone as a competitive progressive metal band in Fort Worth for several years now.

​Following the release of, At Long Last (2010), the group has made prominent ground for the 6-7 harmonizing pact. Touring the East and West coasts, the group resonates their sound to audiences at Fort Worth’s Rail Club and throughout all of DFW from Denton to Dallas.

​The anticipation of a new chapter in sound for Wrought of Obsidian has been confirmed by Bassists Fenoglio, stating a new release in progress, but as for a working title and release date, there is no concluding word.

​Witnessing this group of talented individuals at work is beyond measure of the maturity and solid constructive alliance the group has made over time. Jon Konjoyan of Pit Magazine hails the groups sound as, “Scandinavian Black Metal, Jazz, and Power Metal,” casting a unique twist to the category of Technical Death Metal.”

​With the respected quality of Wrought of Obsidian, the group humbly payed homage to visiting Metal fans, friends and other local and touring Metal groups at The Rail Club’s recent Metal Fest pre-party in the month of May.

​Wrought of Obsidian have released video footage of a new release to a new album in the works, check @enlacalleonthestreet on out Facebook page to check out the new sounds!! 


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