Like a Laser in the Dark SHARPY Release ‘Honey Mask’ single off upcoming “XY” LP

75653345_397081317911220_876851748533174272_n.jpgSHARPY | Contributed Photo Credit: : Sasha Perez

By: Forrest Cook

Fans of Deftones and A Perfect Circle may find an exhilarating burst of fresh air in Fort Worth band SHARPY who just released the first single off their upcoming album, XY. The track titled, ‘Honey Mask’ marks a turning point for the band who’s received recent recognition from the likes of former Melvin’s bassist Mark Deutrom, Production Engineer Chico Jones (Peelander-Z), and most recently Jeff Mount at Sessionworks Studios who’s dossier includes working with several prominent rappers such as Dorrough, Yella Beezy, and Lil’ Boosie.

While striking heavily on the garage band sound established by The Doors in a concrete meld with more recent alternative influences, and whether intentional or not SHARPY’s previous body of work speaks some retorts that echo back to genre-jumping 90’s emo bands like Planes Mistaken For Stars with notes of Texas’ own At The Drive-In and Austin’s melodic Mineral as well, not disbarring elements of resonant progressive metal.

SHARPY | Contributed Photo Credit: : Sasha Perez

Their 2017 EP Release Me, Save Me boasted seven melancholy post-hardcore/metal tracks to blister your eardrums by, and if SHARPY’s new song ‘Honey Mask’ is any indication, with the sensation of technically honed prowess revealing in the group’s emerging strong-points who having allocated clear, well-defined niches, and dealt with their formative difficulties have found a comfortable sliding point into what will be SHARPY’s sophomore release – then XY may leave attentive fans speculating on the market value of topical ointment, dubious as to proceed without first applying generous amounts of colloidal silver to the affected area.

XY is scheduled for a tentative early April release. The song ‘Honey Mask’ is currently streaming on SHARPY’s bandcamp page.

The new single teases at each member of the band pushing themselves a little further and a little harder than on SHARPY’s previous release, a credit to new members Jacob Bobo and Stevie Nikki Perez. SHARPY co-founder and lead singer Chris Perez is no exception who’s devastating growls reach climax before recoil at the initiation of the final chant imploring  listeners to  “Reach Inside”. There is found the soul of the band in a pivotal glance, where they’ve capitalized on the build up of deafening distortion and heavy melody in an eerie background of bleating downstroke riffs alongside the inebriating howl of Perez.

Chris explains, “The song ‘Honey Mask’ refers to a mask that one puts on to make themselves appear the way others want them to appear. It helps you blend in and get through the day without having to expose yourself.” (see also: Fugees – ‘The Mask’ featured on The Score, Columbia 1996)  “The theme of the song refers to the sort of placed necessity we put on ourselves to wear such a mask, for we feel that we have to hide who we are inside just to survive in this world.”

Chris elucidates the questioning in his own devices proposing duality. You get the impression he wants the world to open up in self-awareness of it’s neurotic tendencies, and not wishing to leave on any other than a gracious note imparts, “We look forward to what the future holds for us and would like to wish all the luck to all our former members because in the end everything helps us get to that point wherever we are in life.”

77258587_963241917379026_6344465195036835840_n.jpgSHARPY | Contributed Photo Credit: : Sasha Perez

Expect more great things to come from this band, SHARPY. Their unique blend of dark and progressive melodies makes for a welcome addition to the DFW music scene.

Contributed Photo: Joseph De Leon (AnotherFaceInTheCrowd) | SHARPY at Double Wide Dallas TX







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