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Since the first note I ever heard Edward Desabelle sing, I knew this young man had something deep in his heart to give the world. Desabelle’s debut album Mad City dropped in November, a 9-song masterpiece that shows off Desabelle’s gritty soulful voice alongside his band mates Bobby Orozco (drums), Kyle Pylate (bass) and Glen Fleischmann (lead guitar). The album encompasses blues, funk, rock n roll, folk and tasty guitar licks that all compliment Edward Desabelle’s voice as he sings about his hometown and heartache. The track that’s come to be my favorite is “Heart on My Sleeve,” the song closest to a ballad on the album. I’m a sucker for a good love song. But truth be told, I’ve jammed this entire album over a dozen times, sometimes multiple times in a day. The title track “Mad City” will surely send a groove straight to your spine and give you the “damn right” bluesy stank face. You can take that to the bank. Listen to the album everywhere now, follow them on Facebook & Instagram @desabelleband


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Experimental pop singer-songwriter Lorelei K has been taking the music scene by storm, releasing her 15-song studio album Lightbender this year and touring the country with Dallas sweethearts Rosegarden Funeral Party. I finally had a chance to catch her in person this month, and WOW. I was floored by her etherial presence, her grace and beauty, the way her voice filled the entire room & how I could just not break my attention from her performance. That night she had violinist Leoncarlo accompanying her, bringing notes draped emotion in every phrase. Her music video for single “Perfumed in Feeling” gives a nod to Cher and vintage perfume ads, glamorous and light while somehow still heavy in the tone that echoes the rest of her Lightbender record. Her writing centers around her self-discovery journey as a trans woman, coming into her own and navigating the world with more peace. Listen to Lightbender everywhere now, follow on Facebook and Instagram @l0releik. I’m sure she’ll have live events coming soon in 2020.

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Funky psych-rock dream-pop band Daydream Sleepshaker just made their stage debut at Three Links at the beginning of December, opening up the weekly Three Links Tuesdays show w/ Friday’s Foolery and CoLab. This project is the brainchild of Tito Indigo, who you may know as the drummer for local Dallas favorite Chilldren of Indigo. Even though they’ve only just begun bringing their sound to the stage, they’ve been in rehearsal alone for over 4 months honing the presentation. I love the influence from funk, hip-hop and indie styles that keep the listener on their toes, a feel-good sound that makes me wanna learn all the words to sing along. Tito has been working on these songs for a while, now backed by his band Blake Mitchell (bass/vox), Jack Slayer (keys) and Chiteux Aranda (drums). Available now is their Students of the Universe EP on Bandcamp (ddss.bandcamp.com), with more music set to release in 2020. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @daydreamsleepshaker, catch them live January 31st at Deep Ellum Art Company opening for MONTU and Henry Invisible.

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