Mean Motor Scooter Drops New Video, “Gutterboy Blues”


By Neal McAlister

Mean Motor Scooter dropped the video for “Gutterboy Blues” today, and with the release of TV Baby only six weeks away, they’ve delivered something wonderful to keep us all from bugging them (at least for a little while).

The track starts out with some sweet licks from Sammy’s guitar, punctuated by Jeff and Joe on the downbeats, then a scream for the annals of rock and roll history sets the song in motion as Rebekah’s keys begin to soar!

The visual and lyrical narrative will have you wondering if somehow the nice folks over at Mean Motor Scooter, Inc. used the glowing device they obtained in the heist from the “Sea Serpent” video to gain access to your personal memory bank.

The tune would make for a cathartic rush hour headbanging session, or you may prefer to enjoy it in your PJs with a nice cup of hot cocoa, as long as you don’t mind spilling scalding hot cocoa all over yourself because MMS compelled you through the gods of garage rock to convulse in a fit of rhythmic, painfully chocolate-doused euphoria.

The highly-anticipated five-track EP TV Baby is due out on 20 April. MMS is dropping the record at M*A*S*S with Chillamundo, Vorvon, Henry the Archer, and a standup set from Brian Breckenridge. $1000 cover.

Get off your ass, go watch the video, and show it to 100s of your friends before Mean Motor Scooter personally shows up at your door to scream life into the void where your soul used to hang out. Beep beep!


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1002 S Main St. (166.31 mi)
Fort Worth, Texas 76104

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