Thyroids Keep Garage Punk Alive with “Gelatinous Happiness”


By: Juan R Govea

Garage punk group Thyroids have released a few heavy riffs and altered reverberated punk tracks yet again. Out of Dallas Texas the Dreamy Life and Barf Wave Records artists recently released Gelatinous Happiness. The 6-track album gives a pleasing high screeched wail on the ears.

Fans of early 80’s punk could make comparisons to the exaggerated grunged out guitar and brash lo-fi lyrics, which keeps tunes like these pulling on underground punk rock lover’s heartstrings.

Opening track Hyperactive starts off like a freight train railing in the albums potential with a heavy crashing downbeat and intentional feedback that carries throughout the frenzied howl of the group’s front man.

Gelatinous follows 2015’s 5-track Gnarlands Split and 2016’s 4-track Oh Well, which fit the mold of freshly generated altered sounds.

Fuzzed out reverb and buzzing guitar riffs are what the Thyroids are all about, by keeping their sound chaotic as well technical, with tracks like “I Don’t Wanna Work” and “Home of Your Own,” “Basura” and “How is Egg” being the only lyrical tracks. The group is inventive and holds well to the experimental punk like attitude, which keeps the Thyroids original.

The group’s sound doesn’t stray from the punk genre. The album goes well with the hierarchy of punk groups like Black Flag and early The Queers, but holds fast to the likes of indie rock groups like California’s Wavves.

Checkout their Bandcamp release at:

And Saturday live at Spinster Records in Oak Cliff with Malpractica, Pleasers and Gusto Gav.


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