The Wizzywigs’ Soft Rocks, an Anthem for a New Year  


By Juan R Govea

Dallas’s The Wizzywigs new album entitled Soft Rocks carries a stature of a well rounded and put together alt-rock group, with lyrical story telling from the first track to the next. The album captures a wholehearted beat that carries the listener through sentimental verses about overcoming life trials and seizing the day.

Soft Rocks is the first full album by the group following their 3-track EP titled #1 released in November of 2017. The new album’s lyrics sum up the 8 tracks of the release giving an overall jazzy element exclaimed with San Samtani’s on trumpet, Michael Blair on keys, acoustic guitar and vocals, Richard Keller on bass and vocals and Nick Andreoli on drums, percussion and electric guitar.

The album carries a lyrical outlook giving an overall reminder that when life hits you in the face, keep stride and everything will be ok.

The vocals are shared with Michael Blair’s resounding and reassuring tone for 5 of the album’s tracks and Rich Keller’s raspy New Orleans style vocals for The Line and Rooftop Rendezvous giving a combined anthem like feeling to the album.

Recorded with Michael Briggs at Civil Audio Studios in Denton, TX the opening track Ditty Bop plays out with an instrumental introduction to the next seven tracks.

Blair on keys somewhat introduces the listener to a melodic verse as Andreoli’s cymbal crash in syncing with the group’s Indie alt-rock sound.

Blair’s along with Keller’s soulful vocals and accompanied bass line sets a buoyant pace reinforcing the albums attitude. Andreoli on drums along with Samtani’s trumpet are emphasized by Blair’s melodic tone tickling the ivories giving the album an overall joyful sound.

You can catch The Wizzywigs Saturday February 2 at Main at South Side in Fort Worth TX with Manana Cowboy, Daryel Sellers and The Turners and Svenny Baby.


Checkout The Wizzywigs new album Soft Rocks:

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