“Sunrise Machine” Written by Andrew Moss |Video Premier|

Andrew Moss | Photo Credit: Andrew Sherman

Video | Review By Andrew Sherman

“Sunrise Machine” by Great Heart is a multiverse of influences blending together in a most harmonious and familiar way.

The inspiration was sparked by a live art installation at the Tate Museum in London, England that songwriter, Andrew Moss, stumbled upon. The song once would have been called progressive and in a way, it could be classified as that.

It’s reminiscent of bands also classified that way-but Great Heart’s unique spin comes more from the blending of eras that makes it progressive. The song was written in 2017, but feels as if it could’ve come out of the 90’s with the sonic nostalgia of the 70’s and 80’s. Moss himself describes

“Sunrise Machine” as the redemption hymn of the album. It’s a warm and haunting ballad that has a driving while droning quality. It’s almost hypnotic and seems to get better with every listen.

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