Upsetting’s Release Party for Everything I’ve Done So Far Dumbfounds Dentonites

0B07478D-973C-49B9-865B-F68A02DDB5A9Upsetting at Andy’s Denton | Caleb Lewis (guitar/vocals), Kevin Adkins (Bass/vocals) and Charlie DeBolt (Drums/vocals) Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

By Jessica Waffles

DENTON, TX – Andy’s Bar on Denton’s historic square was packed for a double-feature free show Friday, July 27. The downstairs party seemed pretty cool, but I was there for the upstairs Upsetting party featuring Friendship Bracelets, Soggy, Genius Christ, and the men of the hour: Upsetting.

I admittedly arrived a little late, so I unfortunately missed what I heard was great set from Friendship Bracelets. Next up was Soggy, whose energy captivated the crowd and got people moving. Genius Christ was an interesting sound, very melodic with some emotional vocals.

58CE17B6-BD87-41FD-8612-FE749D2B99D1Caleb Lewis of Upsetting | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

Upsetting finally took the stage for their set. The crowd eagerly awaited their first song. They would be playing the new album Everything I’ve Done So Far in its entirety, beginning to end. Personally, I had a chance to listen to the new music on Spotify before the show. Some of the lyrics were so impactful and catchy that I found myself already singing along at the live release show!

The second track “I Hate Myself (But I Hate You So Much More)” has an incredibly catchy chorus, quickly becoming a new favorite song along with my other favorites from the record, “Impossible”, “Best Try” and “Honestly”.

15804C28-2EB5-45AB-8A86-B37CE3895B63Charlie DeBolt of Upsetting | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

Seriously, there are so many great songs on this album. The record was released with State Fair Records. the support from the community for this incredible band was oozing from Andy’s that night. In support of the release, a music video for “Going Nowhere” was created by Erin Shea Devany, so make sure to check that out.

Contrary to the lyrics in the last track of the record, I firmly believe that these awesome musicians are NOT a waste of space! Between Caleb Lewis, Kevin Adkins and Charlie DeBolt, there’s so much heart and talent bursting at the seams of Upsetting. Keep listening, keep watching. I’m sure there’s more to come from this kickass group. Go to a live show and see for yourself.

AF3EBC6D-2E40-4654-BFE2-6F32AFB41B7CKevin Adkins of Upsetting | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles



Openers at Andy’s Bar for Upsetting Album Release, Denton TX

A1EDB17A-C654-48C5-8F92-BBEE0EBC8F65Genius Christ at And’s Bar Denton | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles


B54DF643-A0F9-4677-A64F-A5DD758EFA5DSoggy at Andy’s Bar Denton | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

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