Upsetting Holds Listening Party for “Everything I’ve Done So Far”

Upsetting At Spinster Records | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

By Jessica Waffles

DALLAS, TX – Spinster Records on Saturday was full of love, support and punk rock. Fans came out to hear the brand new album from Upsetting, entitled “Everything I’ve Done So Far”. Curiously, Upsetting (formerly known as Teenage Sexx) didn’t actually play this show, but saw support from beloved bands Tired, Mother Tongues, and Sub-Sahara.

This event was Tired’s first show ever, hailing from Waco. The melancholy melodies were moody and dreaming, with a driving rock sound.

Mother Tongues from Denton, a band I’ve been meaning to see for a while now, performed next. At times their music makes me launch out of the atmosphere and drift off into space. The singer coolly sported a 12-string guitar.

Sub-Sahara At Upsetting Listening Party | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

Sub-Sahara, a community favorite, closed out the night. These dudes have been going hard for a while now. I was excited to hear they had some new tunes for the listening party. Their bouncy, high-energy vibes mixed with some heavier rock elements created a kind of melodic chaos that is simply entrancing to watch. Absolutely killer.

Mother Tongues At Spinster Records | Photo Credit Jessica Waffles

Between sets, fans got to hear both sides of the new Upsetting album. This is their first album pressed to vinyl, a monumental moment for the band. The record was produced by Paul Williams, and released under State Fair Records.

The sound is less teenage angst and more intention, with a focus on vocals, and the complexity of the music. You can feel the Teenage Sexx roots in this release, but a new distinct sound that evolved from past albums.

This pop punk band is certainly on the rise, growing in skill and putting in hard work every single day. Their approach is thoughtful—filled with blood, sweat, tears…and spaghetti (check out the new official music video for “Going Nowhere” on YouTube, directed by Erin Devany).

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