Upsetting, Formerly Know as Teenage Sexx, En La Calle Talks With Drummer DeBolt

img_4018Formerly known as Teenage Sexx the punk rock trio announces they will now be known as Upsetting| Sunday night at Three Links | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles
Sunday Night  (May 13) The DFW punk group Teenage Sexx announced that the band will now be now known as Upsetting. En La Calle On The Street was curious as to what spawned the name change and what the group has planned for a new album release with the aforementioned name change, Upsetting. We talked with drummer Charlie DeBolt getting his take on the name change and what the future holds for Upsetting.
By Juan R Govea
ELC: How did the name change come about and are there any other changes the band has made. Has changing the name to Upsetting been something the band had thought about before
 DeBolt: Around the time we were finishing the recording process of our new album, late February/ early March, we had a band practice and at one point after a cigarette break Caleb came back into the room and said he wanted to change the name. After talking about it, he explained how the original name was an idea he came up with 5 years ago, and the music we make together now feels like it deserves a new name to relate more to our lyric content. On top of that, we all recognized how occasionally our old band name got in the way of certain things in a way that was silly and not worth the hassle. We threw a lot of names around, and after a while narrowed it down to “hook shot” or “upsetting.”
ELC: Was there any fan feedback from the band name change?
  DeBolt: As a matter of act, we surveyed a few people and “hook shot” won the popular vote. But we did some more thinking on it and really like how “upsetting” as a band name plays out. And our musics been kind of sad lately so it fits our mood.
img_4020Upsetting Bassist Sunday at Three Links | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles 
ELC: So the band decided to make the announcement this past Sunday at Three Links Deep Ellum. When did you feel the name change was pretty much set in stone?
  DeBolt: Once we finally decided on the name in late April, we decided to wait until our next show to announce the news, so we waited until our show with Loafers and Pink Mexico this past Sunday (May 13) at Three Links.
ELC: Ok, cool. What label are you on for this album and where did you record?
  DeBolt: We’re releasing this record with State Fair Records (Dallas, TX), and they actually have their own studio in the Dallas area so we just recorded with their studio engineer, Paul Williams.
ELC: I’ve listened to the new single and it sounds a bit different from some of the older stuff. Were you going for a different sound or what do you think about the new album coming up?
  DeBolt: I don’t think there was any conscious decision for a change in our sound, more just our tastes and style evolving over time, influenced by new bands we hear, life experiences, and things like that. The three of us have definitely seen a lot together just in the year and a half that I’ve been a member of the group.
ELC: Nice! Is there a release date for the new album as the band Upsetting?
  DeBolt: No specifics worked out, but we’ll have both a listening party/showcase at Spinster records (Dallas) as well as an album release show at Andy’s (Denton) in July.
ELC: Awesome! Can you say how many tracks or have any notable songs on the album to mention?
  DeBolts: It’ll be a 12 track full length album. Aside from the single that’s out, I will say we have a re-recording of “Honestly” on the album, which is the track we submitted for last year’s DreamyLife Group Therapy compilation.
img_4019Upsetting Drummer Charlie DeBolt Sunday at Three Links Deep Ellum | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles



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