New Album by Fat By The Gallon – Jackasses On Pleasure Island


Jackasses on Pleasure Island (May, 2018)
Sounds like: Less than Jake minus the horns

By Caleb Stanislaw

As I type this, Fat by the Gallon is venturing westward on tour supporting their new EP, Jackasses on Pleasure Island. Equal parts loud and jaded, Jackass feels at times like an exhaust vent for frontman’s Cloton Carty’s worldly woes: “I’m angry all the time / Don’t wanna be like this anymore…I take some pills and try to breathe to calm down.” Revealing and personal, thoughtful ruminations are delivered like maxims–forcefully, and convinced of their own inner truths. Quickly, the listener is drawn into the music through the mantra of a common theme: that the world is not like we thought it would be, and we’re all fucking jaded by that, man.

Jackasses on Pleasure Island does not represent a huge departure or evolutionary change FAT–the band instead continues to build upon a winning formula: angst + loud = yes If you’re tapped into “the scene” and you’re missing Fat by the Gallon, then you’re missing the best of Dallas’ on-the-ground punk rockers. Worthy of making it into your listening rotation, Jackasses functions on a higher level, reminding us that we all “just want to feel good again.” We’re all in a struggle, and no, the pills aren’t helping.


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