The Artistic Psychosis of Dallas Artist Clay Stinnett

Contributed art by Clay Stinnett

By Juan R. Govea

Once upon a time lived a young farm boy in Middle America. The boy worked on his farm and would attend church service at the local town’s Apostolic Protestant church. Having nothing to do on the farm and bothered by his family’s strict religious affiliations with no TV, no neighbors’ kids to play with, the young man took a knack into drawing imaginative and head turning pieces to those interested in the strange and wonderful.

Dallas artist, illustrator and muralist Clay Stinnett states he could be compared to this Middle American farm boy’s creative and somewhat graphic subject matter, which Stinnett claims started at that small middle American farm where the lonesome farm boy’s doodles became a way of life for the veteran artist.

Focusing primarily with the medium expressions of pop gore. Stinnett’s alternatively re-imagined expression of dark humor and fan gore nostalgia include characters based in 1980’s horror flicks painted and drawn in unique and original abstract ways that carry Stinnett’s art to those interested in the oddities.

As well, Stinnett’s artistic abilities do not keep the artists from going beyond the favored fan gore. The artist’s drawing style could be characterized as something as gothic but still maintaining composure to subjects to the likes of Hollywood celebrities of the past and present.

While available to work for commissioned pieces and keeping time allotted for personal artwork or designing fliers for local punk and metal bands, the artists can be contacted on social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram.

Clay Stinnett

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