Interview: En La Calle Talks With Teenage Sexx Frontman Caleb Lewis

Photo Credit | Erin Devany

Teenage Sexx frontman Caleb Lewis talks with EN LA CALLE about musical influences and how Teenage Sexx came together from a local Waco, TX band to Dallas’ hot new punk rockers on the scene.

By: Araya Alford

EN LA CALLE:How did you get into music? Was it early on, or were you a late bloomer?

CALEB LEWIS:Yeah that was super early, I remember being super into Creedence when I was like 4. I was just super into music without even knowing why.

ELC: Hahahah! You’re all good. Creedence is a great place to start for sure. Do you hear any influences in your music from music you listened to when you were young?

CL: Absolutely! The biggest being Alkaline Trio, I was around seven when I first heard them, and can totally hear a lot of their influence in my music.

ELC: That’s so interesting!! It’s crazy how influences can last so long. In Teenage Sexx, how did you and Kevin initially start playing together?

CL: I met Kevin through Eric from Loafers. They were living together in Waco. This was back when I was still in high school. I needed a bass player and Kevin had just started. We first played together in March of 2015, then in June of that year, I moved in with them, and shared a room with Kevin.

ELC: For listeners that haven’t heard of you guys, how would you describe your sound? What genre would you consider the sound?

CL: I think we’re somewhere between like pop punk and emo, and I’m trying to slowly work a little post-hardcore into the mix as well.

ELC: So as a band do you think you guys will eventually progress into another genre? Or will you stay stationary but further the quality?

CL: I’m not sure, really. We just finished our next record and we did a lot of things I thought we’d never do. So I’m sure change is on the way, slowly but surely.

ELC: That’s great you just finished your new record! We’re all excited to hear the new concepts. How was the transition of moving from Waco to Dallas this past year?

CL: It’s been wonderful!! Waco had nothing for us, but DFW has really accepted us faster than we expected, and I actually moved again back in August to Denton.

ELC: Yeah it seems like Waco’s DIY scene is hanging on by a thread. I’m glad the scene has been good to you!! I know Waco has a  DIY scene. Dallas, on the other hand, is pretty established. How do those scenes contrast in your opinion, and how did you guys cope with the change?

CL: Well, we’ve always been kinda DIY adjacent, so playing more venues is really nice, but even the DIY spots up here are so much better, like Transit Bicycle Co. I also didn’t expect to meet so many people, and really didn’t expect occasionally being stopped on the street by people saying they’ve seen us play and shit.

ELC:Wow!! That’s awesome! You guys are like local celebrities! I’m glad DFW has been treating you so well! For young bands that are learning the ropes of the music business, what’s your biggest tip to them?

CL: Don’t play too much, and don’t play the same spots too much. I’ve seen too many bands do the same thing for way too long. I’ve seen their crowds shrink over time, which is lame to say cause playing is so exciting when it’s new to you, so naturally you wanna play any chance you get.

ELC:What would you say the is the biggest problem you guys have had to overcome?

CL: I’d just say the move. Starting over in a new city is rough. The fear was short lived though.

ELC: That’s good it didn’t last long!! If you could work with anyone dead or alive who would it be? Do you think you guys would be on the same page musically to create something spectacular?

CL: Oh fuck! Hahahaha, lemme think about that one. Tim Kinsella would be amazing, but I think he’s way ahead of me.

ELC: Hahaha, do you think he’s ahead of you musically or otherwise?

CL: Yeah, musically, I fell in love with Cap’n Jazz when I was like fifteen, and have always looked up to him.

ELC: Aw that’s great! When can fans expect the new album?

CL: I feel like it’s more grand than our other releases. Bigger. We’ve put a lot more effort into this one than anything we’ve ever done. A perfect mix of poppy songs and heavy ones. Even some soft moments.

ELC: I’m excited to hear it! Do you guys have anything else exciting coming up? Big gigs? Tour?

CL: We’re hoping to do a run on the east coast this summer!

ELC: Great! That sounds fun! Anyone you’d like to acknowledge?

CL: I guess my mom and dad, and all of the homies who have helped us out in the past.

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