An Interview with Sub-Sahara’s Aaron Mireles: Dominance EP

By: Araya Alford

To follow up their astounding EP, Servant, Sub-Sahara releases yet another hit titled Dominance. This EP contains three tracks recorded and engineered by Ian Miller at DBU and one track titled “Royale with Cheese” recorded by Britt Robisheaux at Cloudland Recording Studio. I had the opportunity to chat with Aaron Mireles (bass and vocals) of Sub-Sahara about influences, venues, and peanut butter.

I understand you guys are coming out with an EP titled Dominance, in five words or less how would you describe this EP?

Yes this is our second EP and I would describe it as a “mixture of chaos and frustration.”

Awesome, that’s great. So on that note, looking back on your past work how does this piece contrast with the others?

This EP is very different from our previous one. It’s definitely more aggressive and more personal.

For Sure, I can tell, especially on the track “Royale With Cheese”. Who or what were you guys’ influences during the process of recording?

That’s a good question! We’re constantly listening to different music, and most of these songs come to us spontaneously when we’re rehearsing sort of like a “jam”. Sonic Youth has been a big influence on us ever since we started the band, also early Post-Punk bands such as The Cure and Gang of Four play a big role in our writing process.

Sweet, sweet! I can definitely get a cure vibe from your track “Terracotta.” Reminds me of their song “Let’s Got to Bed.” What would you say is your fav track on the EP?

That’s great! It’s hard to pick a favorite one, but I think “Terracotta” is my favorite. One of those happy/sad songs haha!

Haha for sure! I noticed on tracks one through three you guys recorded with Ian Miller. how was that experience?

He’s one of our long-time friends and he’s currently studying recording and engineering. We also recorded our song Bleeding Gums Murphy with him last year.

Oh wow, awesome! I bet it was nice and comfortable having him record you guys, then!

It was! He was very patient with us with all our shenanigans and stuff.

Local or non-local, if you could have anyone feature on this EP who would it be?

Oh my! That’s a tough one. I’d go with Bummer Vacation, Sealion, and Aztec Death for sure.

Great choices! I can picture you guys and Sealion creating a great track!

Hopefully one day!

So last question pertaining to the EP, If your EP were a movie, what movie would it be?

It would probably be 21 Grams.

Nice choice! Do you guys have any upcoming shows or perhaps planning a tour?

We have two EP release shows, one on the 24th of November at Dreamy Life Records and one on the 25th at Armoury D.E. And yes, we are planning an East Coast tour for next Summer. We’re very excited for that!

Awesome, that’s very exciting! Looking forward to you guys at Dreamy Life! What’s your favorite venue to play at?

Likewise! We love playing at Three Links, the sound is great and the staff is always nice to us!

Nice choice! I agree! Great staff and great local owners! Okay, I have one last question. Crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

CRUNCHY! The crunchier the better haha!

PERFECT answer! You passed! Well Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and Congratulations on your solid EP! I hope your upcoming shows and East Coast tour goes smooth and well!

Awesome! And thank YOU for this sweet interview.

You can catch Sub-Sahara playing at your DFW clubs and bars along with your favorite local bands and if you’re in the area check em’ out on their East Coast Tour this coming summer!

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