Waco’s Jeremiah Jackson’s 10-day tour

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Photo Credit: Amy Tate

By Juan R Govea

Without being backed by a major label, bands in general know the amount of work it takes to organize, perform and carry out a tour promoting a new release.

Jeremiah Jackson’s ten-day week and a half long tour promoting the bands second album, “I Declare,” started off at The Revolution Café in the heart of Texas, Bryan. With an album release performance in Tyler and Waco, ending at Rudyard’s in Houston.

With his right-hand-man Matthew Mobley, Jackson produced and recorded the proclaimed album. Stating that when it comes down to it the musicians and people doing the recording really matter most.

The tour, put together with several months of planning, was all self-promoted and DIY.
Besides a few minor set backs and a set of keys locked in a Nissan Murano, which can be a pain. Jackson says something will always happen, but whether it was a Tuesday night set in Austin or playing an acoustic show in Beaumont, TX’s Victoria House. Unplugged and or sound checked, the tour was worth the while.

Going out with a full band riding in a reliable vehicle and having the AC checked on the to-do-list always helps. “Originally we had a van but a jammed packed Nissan Murano did the job. Its better than a Prius on the Dallas freeway surviving a tornado,” Jackson recalls.

Starry nights and going with the jam flow, playing along with different musicians in different towns and states is an experience in itself, Jackson proclaimed.

The album release, “I Declare,” tour had a few minor bumps in the road, setting back a stop at Fort Worth’s Dreamy Life Records. A trip to the E.R. for Bassist, Cory Zimmerman’s minor fender bender didn’t stop the band from performing at Rudyard’s in Houston.

Jackson states that there are many people to thank who were involved in putting the tour together, while being somewhat DIY from the planning, but most importantly the appreciation of being hosted by venue owners and accompanying talents made it possible, he said. “Kudos to anyone who even thinks about going on tour, there is gain in it.”



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