Brad Albright, Local DFW’s Creative Illustrations

Illustrator and merch designer,Brad Albright, with his creative Illustrated talent bringings his work to life by designing for local musicians and entertainment licenses. 

His online material and local art shows, along with an online web store features his niche for specialty line-art illustration and 3D posters for retro red/blue 3D glasses. 

“When a show calls for it, I enjoy referencing characters and building out crazy 3D posters for the fans, but I also enjoy keeping my own stories alive through illustrations of live music scenes and The Wild West in my Texan Gothic,” Albright says.

 Deep Ellum’s Kettle Art Gallery (Albright’s creative home base) caters to Albright as well as a number of pop-culture pop-up art shows in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Albright has recently illustrated an album cover and packaging design for the band He Is Legend. “Their fifth album, ‘Few’, came out last month and allowed me to dive into visualizing the band’s sound and lyrical themes through a panoramic sleeve design and a series of icons throughout the liner notes. We also combined all the pieces into a really rad 3D poster that came bundled with album preorders,” Albright says.

Albright’s design for Fort Worth band Michael Lee & The Wartime Limousine as well an album cover for Dallas band, Daylight Industries are something to look out for he says.

You can follow Albrights work on Instagram ( @BradAlbright ) and peruse the artist’s portfolio at(, and as well, posters, stickers Etc. at his Etsy shop ( 

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