A Taste of the Local DFW Punk Band, The Dangits

By: Juan R Govea


Photo Credit: Mike Brooks

Punk rock music goes back a long way. But by identifying the genre to the next generation of punk listeners to the next and due to the public opinion of different audiences; the genre seems to be falling out of place from its original form, i.e. going with the saying that, “punks dead.”

While staying underground due to non conforming lines the genre in our day and age has made many young people and grown adults release their burdens through song. The non-corporate individuality of punk has gone through many filters and reimagined by several different artists to form melodies, which as well is expressed through different generations and different households.

On Friday May 26 at Sunshine Bar located at 902 W Division St, Arlington, TX 76012 a local punk band by the name of The Dangits took to the stage along with Killer Hearts and The Dolly Lamas.
According lead singer and The Dangits’ guitarist Mike Noyes, Sunshine Bar’s event catered to a wide variety of Punk and old rock and roll fans. Noyes states his band will release a new song at the event inspired by Robert Dahlqvist, Swedish guitarist for The Hellacopters who passed away in early February. According to Noyes, “No one plays strait rock and roll like The Hellacopters did,” and Noyes states that The Dantgits plan to pay tribute to the Hellacopters’ front man at Friday’s show with a tribute song for the Hellacopters’ singer.

47-year-old Noyse states the song has no working title, but will play according to their musical expression and musical influences such as, pop punk bands like Nerf Herder, Motorhead, The Hellacopters and standard influences from The Ramones and artist’s like the founding “roots” of the famed 80’s metal band Iron maiden, but most influences from the ’90s punk band Zeke and underground bands like the Candy Snatchers from Virginia beach.

The Dangits will be playing most of their music from their last album and albums, but have no plans on hitting the recording studio anytime soon, but hopefully plan on recording in the near future.

With Mike Noyes- vocals, guitar, Branden Smith- guitar, vocals, Russ Genders-drums, Rob Navarrete- Bass; the band states they have no political punk attitude and say they are just having fun playing music and enjoying the ride.


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