Waffles Weekly | March 2020


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Self-described “bubblegum avant-pop prog post-punk noise” group Starfruit celebrated the release of their full-length record Wild West Combat this year behind the screen at Texas Theatre, supported by Dallas artists Mattie and LLORA. Featuring a 3-member section of saxophones, keys, guitar, bass, backup singer and drums, Ava Boehme leads this power-packed musical collective – energizing the audience with stage dives, lively dance, and transparent love for everything they do on stage. I found that Ava’s vulnerable acoustic portion during their release show was able to bring the audience into the heart of this group’s spirit: the beautiful freedom that comes with being a part of a community that embraces you for who you are. Catch them locally 3/8/20 at Three Links (Dallas) and 3/15/20 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios (Denton). They will be touring Austin/San Marcos and the West Coast starting 3/18/20, and will return for a hometown show 4/12/20 at Three Links. Follow them on Facebook (@starfruitohyeah) and Instagram (@starfruit_ooo).


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Three insanely talented siblings from Dallas have combined powers to form a soul-jazz-funk-fusion group we now call: The Grays. Kwinton Gray (keys/vocals), Kierra Gray (vocals) and KJ Gray (bass/vocals) have been working on their musical skills together since birth – starting off singing along to the songs of Disney. Their first single is a funky play on Pocahontas’ “Colors of the Wind,” with cover art designed by Erica Alicea (@OopsSheArted). They often collaborate with close friends Cure For Paranoia, as they will be on 3/13/20 at Braindead Brewing in Deep Ellum. Known for their high-energy playful nature, watching them on stage is always captivating to the senses – and they might just get your booty shakin’ too. Gaining traction with their annual event “90’s Disney Concert,” the group may be getting to bring the show to more eyes in the near future. You can also catch them 3/15/20 at Acoustic Kitchen Recording Studio (Dallas), where they will be doing a live-recorded performance. Keep up with their groovy antics on Facebook (@ThemGrays) and Instagram (@wethemgrays).


Quirky and unpredictable, rapper Guyceritops aka Victor Thomas has been working on new music to bring to the masses, performing recently at Three Links as “Guyceritops and Friends” with Mylinn Yeefoon (vocals), Zachary Bennalley (guitar), Nick Lewis (guitar), Medrick Greely (drums) and Lady Indica (flute). I have seen this artist in the open mic & hip hop circuit for a few years now, and I can see the culmination of his efforts coming to fruition. Seeing him live with a full band backing his original music was quite the treat, creating textures and depth that resonated in the crowd. It’s one thing to be a good individual artist, but when all the elements align and something robust is born by the multiplied immense talents of each group member, that is a force to be reckoned with. Find more on Facebook (@guyceritops) and Instagram (@hi_im_guyceritops).



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