Boozy Moods Debut A Dark Progressive Rock Ballad,  For Another Time

71311700_2520017038285236_2664151416091705344_n.jpgBoozy Moods | Photo Credit: Andrew Koeppe

By Juan R Govea

Fort Worth based piano-driven rock quartet Boozy Moods will release their bold debut recording For Another Time, which will feature Matt Hansen (formerly of Meander, Kristina Morland) on piano, J-Ray Hart (formerly of Meander) on drums, Clint Niosi (Frosty, The Chrome Mags) on bass and vocals, and Darren Miller (Ox Combine, Tame…Tame and Quiet) on guitar. The group has composed 9 surreal and existential tracks recorded and mixed by Niosi at his home studio, Orange Otter Audio and mastered by Britt Robisheaux at Cloudland Recording Studio in Fort Worth.

For Another Time brings massive sounds that progress from the releases dramatic intro into catchy, shifting heavy riffs with accompanying piano progressions by Hansen accentuated by Niosi’s lyrics.

Starting with the introduction track, Open Sesame leads the listener into the debuts intensity, which is lyrically pungent with moody and dramatic elements theming heartache and karma-like catastrophes accompanied by pleasing and relentless instrumentals.

The following track Beholder shows Niosi’s capabilities as the groups vocalists. An almost downtrodden Niosi gives the groups Boozy Moods’ character as this being the first listen to the avant-garde like antagonist pleading suppressing cases of hardship through anger in alternative vocal stylings. Track 3, New Neighbors fits a more modern rock elemental mold with drastic guitar riffs, dooming percussions and powerful bass turning listener’s ears into a lullaby like soliloquy with Niosi vocalizing Hansen’s chiming keys reciprocating back to Miller’s crashing riffs and Hart’s final bout on the snare.

Tough Love and Hot Shit introduce Hansen’s capabilities on keys, starting with a pleasing melody sustaining Niosi’s begotten description of lost love bringing back the overall attitude of For Another Time. The fifth track Hot Shit expresses more dimensions lyrically and instrumentally with altered punk like arrangements and different variants of style and chords.

Starting with a Eulogy like ceremony of despair, track six, Since You Went Away lyrically resembles the little voices inside a manic brain eased by Miller’s guitar giving pleasing release to the front man’s reminder that, “everything is fine since you went gone, who would of knew the problem was you. Everything’s great since you went away, aye, aye…”

Since You Went Away is one of the two longer tracks on the album timing in at more than 4 minutes gives the resounding case of an unsettled struggle characterized by more than several different cases of For Another Time’s resounding and dark goth-like impression.

Time To Pay as the seventh of the final three tracks reassures the listener the overall plea of the groups remorseful like theme in the debut. Ending with the last two tracks Cardiac Collapse and Super Bloon Moon ending For Another Time. Cardiac Collapse is one of the releases more subtle melodies expressing final dramatics in a somewhat theatrical curtain drop ending with synth like tones of Hansen’s Keys with Niosi’s vocals in Super Bloon Moon, easing the listener back in a more realistic and sensible place and time.

While several of the song’s titles and accompanying lyrics relate to situations of despair, the group’s style is more than impressive with Niosi’s endearing vocals making the album enjoyable to fans of Thom Yorke and especially listeners of Dallas’ late 90’s group the pAper chAse.

The Boozy Moods are celebrating the release with a live performance at Panther City Vinyl on October 5th 2019.  The show begins at 4 pm with the piano jazz pop duo Tortuga Redfro opening.

For Another Time will be available via CD and streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc) via Orange Otter Records on October 5th 2019.  The CD may be purchased directly from the band’s Bandcamp page or at your favorite DFW music retailer.



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