Not Ur Girlfrenz Set To Rock Lola’s Saloon Saturday In Fort Worth


“Everywhere I go the kids wanna rock…Kick down the barricades! Listen what the kids say!”                                                                                                                                                – Bryan Adams

By Forrest Cook

Ask yourself this… Are you down with the soundtrack to the new generation? If not, you’d better get it quick and let it sink in, or get the heck out of their way! Not Ur Girlfrenz are an all-teenage, all-lady bubblegum pop-punk troupe out of Dallas, TX that’s out to set the world of rock and roll on fire. Following the trend of uber-youth rockers, the self-proclaimed “new kids in America” have the full support of their community behind them, and with less than forty years of age between them, this talented young three-piece has been rocking stages and bringing down showcases since 2017.

“You think you’re better than us, go on believe that. Because we’ll be smashing tables while the tables turn. And you may not ever understand. Because when we fall, we get right back up again.”

– Lyrics to “No One Asked You Anyway”

Not Ur Girlfrenz is Liv Haynes (14) leading the tour de force on guitar and vocals, Maren Alford (14) beating the drums and GETTING PAID and Gigi Haynes (12) rocking the smooth groove on bass. They’ve got panache. Not Ur Girlfrenz draws inspiration from old classics as well as new. Having inherited a love of classic rock from their parents, the band seamlessly melds the sophisticated stylings of bands like Heart, U2, and Joan Jett with more contemporary pop groups like Paramore, Foo Fighters and Fall Out Boy. They’ve got pizazz. Playing energetic original tunes with a bite, and often regarded for their spirited showmanship, their performances have sparked the interest of Grammy-nominated songwriter, and producer Jarret Reddick of Bowling for Soup, who saw an opportunity in this teenage trio to collaborate with a truly unique and adroit hometown talent. It’s an opportunity which singer Liv Haynes describes as “a pinch-me moment,” working alongside a musical icon.

No, Liv, you’re not dreaming, and Not Ur Girlfrenz is a band that’s just getting started!

Already in their young career, having been taken under Reddick’s wing, the band has graced the opening spot of a SOLD OUT Bowling for Soup tour. Following that, Not Ur Girlfrenz was invited along for the final cross-country Van’s Warped Tour which earned them the distinction of being the youngest touring act in the quarter-century history of the travelling show. Warped Tour founder, Kevin Lyman has gone on to say they are “the future of women in rock,” correcting himself later, “or just rock in general.”

Make no mistake, these young ladies are Girl Power all the way! Sugar and spice, and you’d better think twice!


They’ve distinguished themselves with superior songwriting skills that speak beyond their years, invoking relatable anthems, and surprisingly mature insight into friendship and a changing world. Not Ur Girlfrenz is anything but a Gen Z false flag.

I learned that hard work pays off!” tells the youngest bandmate and Liv’s younger sister, Gigi Haynes. “We walked the line, handed out flyers and sold merch in the extreme heat and rain… and saw so many of the fans,” developing an instant rapport with their multiplying fan base which will serve them well as their exciting new career progresses.

The band was featured in Reliant Energy’s 2017 “Girl Power” ad campaign with fellow Texan and movie star, Matthew McConaughey. They received amazing response for their video re-workings of U2’s “I Will Follow”, and The Cure’s “Friday (I’m in Love)”. NOT UR GIRLFRENZ followed these effortlessly with original slabs of pop punk ear candy.

Videos for their singles ‘Never Stop’ and ‘Warped’ were filmed during their Warped Tour-trek and feature appearances from the girl’s heroes and some of the biggest names on the tour: Simple Plan, Waterparks, Mayday Parade, The Used and The Maine. Their music video for “No One Asked You Anyway” won an award for VIDEO OF THE YEAR at, while their latest video for their track, “Somehow” was premiered with AP Magazine. “We’re really excited for people to see a different side of the band because the video is really different than our earlier releases,” explains Liv of her first love song. “Seeing everything come together with the lighting, the fog, the sets and the camera work was such a cool experience, and it was amazing to see the vision for the video become a reality.” These ladies mean serious business, but with the grace of a child, they do it with a smile. Not Ur Girlfrenz is all about having fun, and those good times are infectious!

“They totally get it,” Reddick once mentioned to HuffPo. “They are all about girl power and just showing other kids that anybody can do [music]. Instrument-wise, they’re pretty much better than anyone they come in contact with—including adults.”

Words like “Song of the day” and “Video of the week,” it seems have become everyday jargon in these young women’s lives. Their debut EP, New Kids in America was self-released in 2018 on Frenzone Records to sparkling reviews. (“Frenzone” is also the name of the band’s fan club.) “One of the biggest inspirations for [our new] album is the power of being underestimated, and inspiring the new kids in America to pick up their instruments and make loud noises,” relates young Haynes. The release was followed by the band’s first, and by all accounts, wildly successful trip overseas alongside their famous cohorts, Bowling For Soup, for their Almost Christmas U.K. tour.

From artsy dives, playing with underground acts like Skating Polly and The Dolly Rots, to jam-packed arenas with hoards of fans aged 0-67, Not Ur Girlfrenz are no stranger to the crowd. Haynes sums it up perfectly, “I feel like EVERY DAY is a new adventure and we are literally living our dreams! I can write songs about how I feel and what’s going on in my life and see people relate to what I say! That’s the coolest thing ever!”

The exciting next chapter of the band is already underway. Are you ready to sit back and watch the pages unfold? If so, then congratulations! You can catch Not Ur Girlfrenz Saturday at Lolas Saloon with Ting Tang Tina, Bishop, Ayden Trammell and several others starting at noon with Electric Purple in Fort Worth TX You’ve just been FrenZoned!


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