Ansley’s newest single “Time Wasted” Will Stop Listeners In Their Tracks

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Audiostyles producer Taylor Tatsch and Ansley have just finished a new song for the Fort Worth singer-songwriter titled “Time Wasted.” The release is set to debut at Friday on the Green on April 12 alongside Fridays perofmance. The duos last venture together has received airplay on top DFW radio stations, and has been given national acclaim.

It makes sense that all of the musicians on the track—guitarist Eric Webb (Cut Throat Finches, Jetta in the Ghost Tree), drummer Matt Mabe (Vodeo, Polydogs, Quaker City Night Hawks), and bassist/guitarist Kris Luther (The Hendersons, Polydogs, Shadows of Jets)—are all members of DFW’s most promising bands.

With a Neo-Indie-Americana vibe, and soaring vocal harmonies, the song looks back over long-gone moments, with an emotional ploy to embrace the present, and never take it for granted.

Ansley says the song is one of just a few she has written on guitar, “I remember letting my friend Devi borrow my guitar, and as soon as I got it back and started playing, this song immediately poured out of it. It felt like the song was within that guitar, just waiting for me.”

Few debut albums (or groups) have been met with such a warm reception. Their Rituals album release show last July set the attendance record at Main At South Side, and Ansley and, “the Bandsley”, as she likes to call it, have already been playing showcases in Austin, Denton, and beyond.

Ansley’s new song “Time Wasted” will be digitally and independently released across all major streaming platforms.

The latest single takes recurring images of daily life with encouraging lyrics expressing issues of missed loved ones and regretful time wasted on lost love.

Taylor Tatsch and the Ansley group have a well-put together single with Ansleys choir like poetic vocals leading the way for the fort worth group to take stage today at Friday on the Green in Fort Worth TX.

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