Waffles Weekly with Jessica Waffles March/April

The Dallas

Justin Tipton

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Over the past two years, this singer-songwriter has been working hard as hell to hone his sound playing out five or more times a week all over the DFW circuit of cafes, bars, restaurants, art fairs—pretty much anywhere that was wise enough to book him. I’ve had the chance to see him grow into a striking band leader that seems to know just where he wants to take this rock ‘n’ roll train. He’s currently playing a weekly residency at Adair’s Saloon in Deep Ellum on Wednesday nights, rousing the honky-tonk crowd to their feet every week. The power behind him with a full band rocks the whole place, featuring bluesy solos from his lead guitarist Stephen Ketner. His debut album Gimme Back What’s Mine is set to release sometime this summer, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Catch him playing live 4/5/19 at Deep Ellum Arts Festival, 4/6/19 at Whitehall Exchange, 4/11/19 at Halcyon, and many more dates in the coming weeks. Check out his website justintiptonmusic.com for more events, video and contact. Follow on Instagram (@justintiptonmusic) & Facebook (@justintiptonmusic).


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The CoLab band has been a fluid, ever-changing group. This collaborative project has seen somewhere in the neighborhood of forty-five members over the past fourteen years as a band. Ebbing and flowing as the years pass, every performance is a unique experience to see. Its current members carry the torch well. The group is part of the award-winning “Three Links Tuesdays” weekly event (promoted on social media with the tag #3Links2sDays) that goes down in Deep Ellum at Three Links, which just celebrated its sixth year anniversary. The music can be loosely described as improvisational hip-hop, featuring live music elements that include keys, guitar, bass, DJs, drums and even congas. A number of vocalists/lyricists cycle through the set, each bringing their own flavor and style, often combining forces during songs. A CoLab performance is always a novel experience. If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s time that you open your ears and check it out. Every Tuesday night at Three Links – always free. Follow on Instagram (@colabband) & Facebook (@colabmusic).

Worst Case Scenario

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Fresh on the scene, this pop/skate punk trio is coming in hot with a sound akin to Blink-182, Bowling For Soup, Green Day, and pretty much all your favorite bands when you were an angsty emo kid. The energy they bring to a live show makes me hopeful for the DFW pop-punk scene, and their fans really show out to properly f*ck sh*t up (in a wholesome, punk kinda way). At the last show, a giant inflatable gorilla showed up during their set to be promptly added to the pit, and ended up being sacrificed to the punk gods by the last song. One of my favorite things that this band brought to the world was personalized condoms in their merchandise, branded with the “Worst Case Scenario” logo across them. Perfect. They have two singles out on all music platforms right now: “A Series of Bad Decisions” and “Check Engine Light”. Their debut album is already being mastered and will be ready to rock our ear-holes soon. Follow them on Instagram (@worstcasescenarioband) & Facebook (@worstcasescenariorock).

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