Some of Fort Worth’s Best Sing For Summer

Summer Lane Emerson | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles
By Jessica Waffles | Waffles Weekly
Spirits were high and worries were low on Saturday 1/19/19 at Tin Panther for the Sing For Summer benefit show – a gathering filled out by the ever-supportive Fort Worth music crowd for local singer songwriter Summer Lane Emerson. Friendly company kept the space warm despite the blistering chill outside.
Anyone around Fort Worth knows of Summer Lane Emerson, the songbird sister of Vincent Neil Emerson, who has been working hard in the local scene hosting open mics, writing tons of new material and working at Fort Worth Live behind the bar.
Clay Anderson | Photo Credit Jessica Waffles
The night started with Clay Anderson, with “Falling and Failing” being one of my favorite songs from the set – Anderson jokingly prefacing it with a glimpse into his love style: “I don’t fall in love – I plummet into love. This song is about that.” He was joined by Matt Tedder on guitar and Kris Luther on bass. Clay will be back at Tin Panther on May 3rd with Tennessee Dixon, Tyler Curtis Rougeux and Cody Lynn Boyd.
Ryker Hall | Photo Credit Jessica Waffles
Ryker Hall performed solo renditions of the songs from his EP release Soon You’ll Be A Skeleton, as well as a haunting cover of “The Dope Show” by Marilyn Manson. It wasn’t what I expected but it was everything I could’ve wanted. This dude’s got the pipes and this set made me want to see him with full band – which I heard he’ll be doing his Denton full band debut at Backyard on Bell on Feb 10th. Catch him Feb 14th at Fort Worth Live singing “cheating’ songs” for Valentine’s Day with Jacob Furr, Izzy Jeffery, Frankie Lee, Summer Lane Emerson, Cody Culberson, Tommy Luke, Simone Nicole and more.
The Matthew Show (Matthew Broyles band) stepped up to fill in for Levi Ray, who unfortunately was unable to perform at the benefit due to being under the weather himself. The set kept the atmosphere light and fun, singing about pretty white people with problems and the state of our political climate. Just kidding, kind of. The music was groovy and the lyrics were thought-provoking at times, keeping me tethered to the stage to see what would happen next. “Here’s a song about why we can’t have nice things,” he said, as I took notes from the edge of my seat. The Matthew Show was a joy to watch, one of their songs even had an almost celtic vibe with cool hymn-like harmonies coming from the drummer. Interesting band, check out this Facebook page to learn about their upcoming virtual performances in Second Life. Catch Matthew Broyles solo in Fort Worth Feb 9th at The Grackle Art Gallery (with Ryker Hall).
Devi | Photo Credit Jessica Waffles
Singer Devi followed next with producer Samuel Culp, who accompanied her on stage to provide those beats that make you move. Devi’s voice and charismatic attitude is sweet on stage, beaming with positivity. Devi released two singles last year, “Senses” and “It’s Devi, Bitch” – available on Spotify and Soundcloud.
Joshua Fleming Frontman For The Vandoliers | Photo Jessica Waffles
You may know Joshua Fleming from a little band called The Vandoliers, who sang his heart out for Summer’s benefit, the first time I’ve had a chance to see him solo. His kind demeanor is heart-warming to watch, dreaming of day-tripping down an open road to his timeless tunes. Make sure to support the Vandoliers album release party coming up at Granada Theater in Dallas on Feb 22nd, with the Ottoman Turks and Bryce Bangs.
Hayden Miller | Frontman for Dead Vinyl | Photo Jessica Waffles
Dead Vinyl | Photo Jessica Waffles
Dead Vinyl was the next band to blow my mind, straight out of the gate birthday boy Tyler Vela was slaying me with his righteous guitar solos and singer Hayden Miller brought me to life with his massive vocal range he wasn’t scared to belt out. The room was in a trance as the band took us to a heavy psychedelic realm constructed just for us, lost in their sound. Check out Hayden Miller at Fort Worth Live feb 10th, and catch the whole band headlining at Three Links in Dallas on March 30th.
Denver Williams | Photo Jessica Waffles
Denver Williams kept up the the tail-end of the night in a solo set, playing fast-moving acoustic songs that reminded me just how crazy good at song writing this dude is. His lyrical intensity matched with complex chord progressions and a smile on his face as he sings about death – what a treat. Williams also played some acoustic renditions of songs by his band Chillamundo, along with a cover of “California Hills” by Nathan Payne – a songwriter who he’s been telling everyone to listen to for a while now. Listen to Chillamundo’s latest album Paper Airplane on Spotify. Catch him solo at Witherspoon Distillery in Lewisville on Feb 2nd.
In a surprise end to the night, Summer herself got on stage and played a few tunes, making all of us stragglers in the bar happy to see her doing what she loves to do most – sing her heart out. A wonderful end to a beautiful night of support and love for a girl who warms the lives she becomes a part of. Thanks to the support, Summer will be able to breathe a little easier in the face of medical expenses and physical therapy that she will be undergoing since her surgery. Catch her Feb 1st at Republic Street Bar and on Valentine’s Day Feb 14th for the Cheating Songs showcase at Fort Worth LiveThe Vandolier’s Joshua Fleming | Emerson | Ryker Hall | Photo Jessica Waffles

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