Denton TX’s Born Snapped, Self Titled Release – On The Street Review

a2689754988_10Album artwork by Bobby Michaud

-Goes good with Mikey’s 40 Oz and a nice Chardonnay-

By Juan “Johnny” Govea

Out of Denton Texas comes a uniquely advert sound from the local punk and metal that carries a branding of what makes Denton music what it is. Born Snapped self-titled album recorded by Britt Robisheaux and mastered by Carl Staff hits on emotional topics with heavy riffs accompanying lead vocalist Alex Atchley’s somewhat dramatic last plea accompanied by Rhys Johnson more than apparent fierce bass and John Gillespie violent guitar holding fast with Cade Bundrick’s drumming.

Released earlier this year July 16 on Bandcamp and Spotify, their self-titled 8 track album screams aloud something compared to a emotional breakdown with hell raising lyrics leading to an impressive continuation of the last track to the next, born snapped knows what’s up and hits heavy with an average of 2min 30sec tracks allowing Atchley’s lyrics to sink in on the listener.

Atchley takes an emotional aspect to his lyrical device and communing choruses with a crashing regretful demise, with lyrics paired with dramatic guitar breakdowns and a more than significant bass line fueling Atchley’s remorseful screams, Born Snapped is somewhat an alt-rocker/emo lovers respectful fantasy in a nonchalant self-deprived sudden release of energy.

Titled tracks such as “Modest,” being the first track on the album takes a submissive angst in a poetic adversity to, | “I really hate that mouse”| as an awkward chorus to | “Why you gotta be so modest?” | which is creative in nature, but also might be Atchley’s dislike for Modest Mouse, who knows?

42852316_2278891268804935_3289714128603578368_nAlex Atchley of Born Snapped at Growl Records. Photo Credit: Johnny Govea

The second track to Born Snapped, Bootlicker, carries itself in an impressive metaphorical way symbolizing the win some lose some of paying dues and fatherly advice. “You said, ‘Son! You got me all wrong. Sometimes it pays to be a bootlicker.’”
“You’re out of breath
You’re out of time
And I can’t wait
For you to die
And I cant wait
For you to die, you bootlicker “

With following tracks titled “Scumbag,” and “Wrong Again.” The album leads and takes away childhood angst and despair filtered through a troubled mind into a less than remorseful exhale of dramatic expression with accompanying guitar feedback and sucker punching bass riffs.

This is not an album to fall asleep to as it is fueled with somewhat of a contemplative story of regretful events and heartfelt adversaries all wrapped up and snapped into place with a screaming plea of unheard remorse.

You can catch Born Snapped with tunic and LOAFERS at Three Links Deep Ellum Nov. 29.
You can follow Born Snapped on FB @bornsnappedtx and purchase their self-titled album on Bandcamp at



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