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Denton-to-Dallas punk rock band, Noogy, released a new EP entitled Demo on their Bandcamp profile. The new tracks are available for purchase at whatever price all you steady show-goers see fit. So, first off, let’s call that five big hairy rhinoceros points for price right there! Demo consists of five tracks: “Whatever”, “New Crew”, “Studcounter”, “2017” and “Closeminded”. The record comes with the promise of a full-length “in about 6 to 9 months… with all our best shit on it.”

If you haven’t caught these boys playing shows around the metroplex, zipping in and out of state, clinching major-act opening spots, and hopping on big tours, then I really suggest a trip outside every once in a while…because “they be wylin’. ”

Noogy has slapped together a tour flier for album art, which, as of now, can only serve as a reference to those former dates. Their drunken Mickey-Mouse-giving-the-finger logo (that has become immediately iconicized since its inception), has been multiplied and over-layed with the band’s near-ancient California show dates and destinations.

This dubious, tour-promoting design definitely resounds with DIY spirit. However, it does make the overall package appear rushed, and slapped together. Is Noogy dying? Are these the shows that we are supposed to be reminded of while listening to Demo?

Demo opens with the song “Whatever” with highlights from the now infamous Lord Trump’s Make America Great Again speech, and as the music picks up I get the impression that Noogy might be out to do just that with super fat bass lines, and—“ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR,” lead singer Andre Vorhis’ screechy-soprano voice bellowing out what throughout the remainder of the album would prove to be a most (in)sincere pledge of allegiance to punk rock and roll. “What-fucking-ever!” to quote the man himself.

Noogy is fond of showcasing their politicizing abilities. They also comfortably delve into more serious themes within their music. Noogy knows how to keep it fun with fast, outrageous, dancey numbers like “New Crew”, with its speedy pauses and changes that keep it interesting. The track even includes a brief interlude of shreddy guitar, with leads exchanged by lead singer Andre and Noogy’s new addition Anthony Martinez. With lyrics like “The rules have been bent, and now they’re about to break!” and a chanty chorus of “NEW CREW!”, which is indicative of the new-gen punkers and the next to come, Demo still seems to play a retro-tribute to those who came before.

Never slowing down into “Studcounter”, Noogsters-lifer Nick Helm holds down his set, and gets down to it as Andre furiously offers a social critique on a scene that may have turned a little into what it set out to be against. New bassist Kurt Brisban gets to stretch his fingers on this one as well in a neat little Rancid-esque solo, notwithstanding Kurt, unlike Matt Freeman, is an actual human being and his fancy-playing (although, fancy) falls in the realm of being far more attainable by practical musicianship standards.

All-in-all what you are getting out of this record is some pretty solid rock and roll. “2017” makes the boast that, “They say the scene is dead, maybe for y’all but we never left.” And, “We’re about it!” Now, that’s extra points from Texas Pete for using the word “Y’all” in one of the songs, and never slowing down, not even for a minute can I see what these guys are talking about. They are about it. Constant tours, DIY mindscape, socio-anarcho politics, scene consciousness, and uncommon human decency has come to make Noogy a band that I really, thoroughly enjoy.

The final song, “Closeminded” opens to the tune of, ”They’ve got the Bible Belt wrapped around my fucking throat!” and I just couldn’t agree more. Obviously passionate, and unabashed at proclaiming an unpopular opinion, whether a political perspective, an attempt at standing up for the little guy, or calling out the crowd, they’ve made the transition from scrawny little skate-punkers to crusty, Nazi-bashers from outer space, and this album is one you are definitely going to want to check out. Overall, I think Demo is well-produced and nicely rounded-out, and makes for a good listen in your earbuds, in your car, or on your weed buds, too.

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