Deep Ellum’s Guapo Skateboards Hosts DFW Punk Favorites

picnic lightningPicnic Lightning at Guapo Skatepark | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles  

By Jessica Waffles

DEEP ELLUM, TX – Guapo Skateboards was filled with alternative music Sunday, August 26, as Mean Motor Scooter, Upsetting, and Picnic Lightning took the stage…well, as they took the halfpipe.

The large space houses several skate structures, including a two-story indoor big bowl that had a prime view of the halfpipe that served as the stage. The high ceiling allowed the music to carry throughout the entire venue.

Up first was a band I hadn’t heard yet: Picnic Lightning. Their sound is emotional and raw, playing songs from their self-titled LP Picnic Lightning. “Fever Dream” particularly grabbed my attention with its grungy far-out guitar riffs and vocal harmonies. It’s great to see more cool stuff coming out of Fort Worth every single day.

upsetting2Upsetting on the half-pipe at Guapo Sakatebords | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

Upsetting played second, with two-thirds of the band starting off their set half-naked. Of course they were all naked by the end. Okay, not totally naked, but just enough to be Upsetting. No, but really it was hot and sweaty and everyone else wished they could’ve been naked too. Thanks, Texas. Your boys killed it as usual, playing songs from Everything I’ve Done So Far (released earlier this year with State Fair Records). The album has only been out for a month, but I’m calling it—best pop punk album of the year. Honestly, they’re like our local Blink-182, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these good dudes.

mean motor scooter (1)Mean Motor Scooter at Guapo Skateboards | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

Mean Motor Scooter rounded out the night, bringing their high-energy, in-your-face music we love. They’ve been playing more new songs lately, and the crowd reacted positively. Perfect for this venue, MMS’s psychedelic punk style struck a chord with the misfits that roam the skate parks. I’m already in love with the new material, and looking forward to when these busy bees have time to hit the recording studio.

I had an amazing first experience at Guapo Skateboards, who have been at their Elm Street location for about two years now. I had a chance to speak with Glenn who’s been supporting the local music scene for years and helping develop Guapo Skateboards into what it is today. On September 15 they’re hosting the Old Man Bowl Jam that will feature their newly created Skateboarding Museum with skateboard models dating back to the 60s and 70s. I had the pleasure to sneak a peek while I was there. The museum has a very cool collection. Find more info on their Instagram: @guaposkateboards.

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