Dallas’ Sealion Still Breaking Sound Waves, New EP, Full Album in the Works

sealion123Sealion from Dallas TX | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

By Juan R Govea

After the release of 2014’s Heavy Fizz, Dallas’ surf-punk rockers Sealion bring a new entrée of sounds to the ears. The group’s live performance doesn’t seem to die out with the Deep Ellum vibe keeping listeners at shows at Three Links holding an appreciative following. With Hunter Moehring’s guitar and vocals; Cole Denton on guitar; Samantha Villavert’s iron fingers on Bass, and the newly added Gus Baldwin on drums, the group says the process of their upcoming album is set to be released later this year, which is morphed together with a collaborative effort.

“Usually, someone starts with a riff, and then someone else plays a riff and it goes from there,” Moehring says.

Recently, Sealion released a new EP entitled Nothing Nowhere on Bandcamp and through Dreamy Life Records support will carry the new EP on Cassette as well freebee songs, “Catahoula,” and “Break My Bones” on Bandcamp, listeners surely want to pick up a physical copy or download the digital release.

Produced by Jordan Richardson at Electric Barryland and Mastered by Danny Kalb, Mohering and the group agree the new EP has many dark and emotional lyrical references that hit home with a realization, which Mohering states is deep and heavy.

“It’s something that people while listening put their own definition on what that song means,” Denton says, which Moehring agrees saying, “There’s tons of times when somebody comes up to you and says, ‘Oh man, me and my girlfriend listen to that all the time,’ and I’m like, oh shit, that’s not a happy song at all, but the months spent writing songs for any band is time consuming. Audiences will tell you immediately if a song is good or not.”

Since Sealion’s first released single in 2012, Valis, the group makes up ground, and after a few years since Heavy Fizz and 2013’s Kenneth with Nothing Nowhere EP the group has  plans for  a future album to release later this year, saying they will start fresh.

The Beta testing of audience reactions to Sealion guitar riffs and lyrical writing is kind of give and take. Mohering and the group’s writing process goes hand in hand with each member participating in the song writing process, which includes new drummer Baldwin’s lyrical versus.

Not playing drums in other groups and with more than a year’s worth of drum skills, Baldwin, when entering the band enjoyed listening to Sealion tracks and live shows over the years and says as a memeber, “with Sealion you finish the song and bring it to the people.”

Free sample songs are available on Sealion’s Bandcamp page such as “Break My Bones” and “Catahoula” from Nothing Nowhere EP. The full release will be available June 15 and the future is set for a new album this year.

New EP Nothing Nowhere Full release available June 15 | Photo: Jessica Waffles



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