Waffles Weekly March-April Edition

All photos and Blurbs by Jessica Waffles of Waffles Weekly

Music In 3D Series

3B7338F0-B2E5-47E3-AAFE-D46C74C3E786PHOTO: Cleon Edwards performs for Music in 3D at Three Links 4/9/18.

The Music In 3D Series, brainchild of drummer Medrick (Medz) Greely & DJ Jay Clipp, premiered at Three Links in Dallas less than 2 weeks ago – featuring Cleon Edwards & DJ Joon Bug as the opening drummer + DJ duo, as well as Madame Mims as the night’s host & resident lyrical badass. The series aims to bring a synergetic energy that makes the music “pop out” at the audience, like the effect 3D glasses have in a movie theater. By adding the tangible element of drummers & sometimes vocalists to the music played by the DJ, the event allows the performance space to be enveloped by layers of sound. Two more Dallas events in the series are currently being planned, with intention to go national after that. Looking forward to the next installment in Dallas, expected to be late July or early August. Keep an eye out!


Electrik Ants

67022506-760D-44CE-B48F-20558B062EE0PHOTO: Electrik Ants performs at Granada Theater 4/14/18. Left to right: Valmir Hajro, David Wilson, Mike Maschmann, Ryan Dahir, Dylan Collins, Jeff Collins.

Brand new Dallas band Electrik Ants has made a huge splash in the scene since their founding 6 months ago. Since I first saw them in January, each performance has been more creative & closely knit than the last. Their unique vibe comes from their communal vision of pursuing music not just as a career, but with the jubilant curiosity of children fighting to stay in a space of magic & self-discovery. The band has several show dates coming up, including 4/25 @ House of Blues Foundation Room, 5/5 Cinco De Mayo Party @ Deep Ellum Art Co, and 6/27 @ Sundown at Granada. Check out their highly anticipated album release June 15th at Deep Ellum Art Co. Goes well with Gorillaz & Grateful Dead. 


Teenage Sexx

2326B97F-35B3-4C21-B2B0-19D131868FEFPHOTO: Frontman / guitarist Caleb Lewis at BARF WAVE Showcase 3/17/18 (not pictured: Kevin Adkins on bass, Charlie DeBolt on drums)

Dallas pop-punk trio Teenage Sexx rocked the BARF WAVE Records SXSW unofficial showcase in Austin last month, giving this Waffle a chance to finally catch them after hearing some buzz for a while now. What can I say but wow, these 3 dudes know how to get together & make some music to dance to. The lyrics & bounce-able beats give that “yeah-man-my-life-sucks-too-but-it’s-okay” kinda feeling. One of my favorite songs “Seventeen” starts with the playful lyrics, “I wanna hear your voice but I don’t wanna talk to you.” I wish I could teleport this music to the past to give my angsty teenage self something to listen to. Loving this band a ton! Goes well with Joy Division. Go buy their music, buy some merch, and go check them out May 13th at Three Links in Deep Ellum w/ Pink Mexico & LOAFERS. 


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