A Look at Fort Worth’s Blackhouse

By: Denise Jimenez

When you spot a huge house completely painted black, you may assume Gomez and Morticia Adams have moved into the neighborhood, but not in this case. Homeowners Sarita and Noel Viramontes have transformed this almost ninety-year-old house into the coolest new hotspot for art, music and local entertainment.

Located in the Rock Island neighborhood in Fort Worth, Blackhouse brings this historic neighborhood into the modern age. The all-encompassing sleek, avant-garde design of the of the house, inside and out, is a perfect backdrop to showcase the wide range of local art and music Fort Worth has to offer.

Fort Worth artists were able to showcase their art from a matchless perspective at the Blackhouse Spring Gallery Night. Giving a whole new meaning to the term “art gallery”, those who attended enjoyed a festive environment, including alcoholic beverages, while viewing the talent local Fort Worth artists had to offer. Even new artists can join in on the fun at Blackhouse when local artist Brie Milam hosts beginner watercolor workshops!

Local musicians like DJ Melee Max, and hip-hop artist Blue, The Misfit have performed at Blackhouse. According to the numerous five-star reviews, Blackhouse is the perfect place to enjoy some North Texas tunes. However, this venue isn’t just for the locals. Contemporary pop musician, Andy Davis came from Nashville, Tennessee to perform at Blackhouse last October.

Owners Sarita and Noel Viramontes have emphasized the unique nature of this venue by planning an eclectic variety of events. They don’t stop at just art and music. Visitors have enjoyed health-food cooking classes by renowned chef Vahista Bharucha Ussery. Back in August, Blackhouse hosted a fundraiser for Charles E. Nash Elementary, wherein donors participated in a yoga class. Proceeds helped sponsor Charles E. Nash’s very first PTA Art Auction.

This Fort Worth venue seems to leave no stone unturned, as the Viramonteses seem to be open to host practically any event. While giving locals a place to enjoy good music or art, they also give back to the community by hosting fundraisers, and making donations to the Modern Art Museum. Although Blackhouse is painted dark, it is a beacon of light to artists, musicians, businesses, and chefs alike from around the county, further ushering Fort Worth into the modern age.

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