Midway Craft House Aisle 4 Punk Rock Between Milk and Eggs

MidwayCraftPhoto Credit: Erin Devany of All Hallows Productions

By Juan R. Govea

A somewhat spin-off convenience store mixed with live music and growler bar Midway Craft House located at 1115 W. Hickory St. caters to Denton locals picking up mart items on aisle 4 or conversing over a pint of house brew catching local and out of town musical act between bread and milk aisles. Craft House manager and University of North Texas graduate Rahim Deji says the idea was spawned two years ago in April of 2016 and has become a popular DIY venue.

Customers are allowed to bring their own food to go along with their choice of the 37 tap brews at the growler in addition to delicious cold craft beers, ciders, Kombucha and wine behind the bar.

“If you don’t like beer, we have plenty of non alcoholic options.  If you want snacks or candy we have you covered,” Deji says.

IMG_4210Millennial Falcon performs at Midway Craft House in Denton TX | Photo Credit: Erin Devany of All Hallows Productions

Recently nominated for best non-traditional venue by the Denton Arts and Music Awards and nominations for best open mic host, comedy host as best comedian and classical guitarist as best classical musician in all of Denton, the venue has gained popularity after several other venues in the area came to close.

“We average 4-to-5 events a week, sometimes more,” Deji says. “There is no place like us in the DFW area to the best of my knowledge and we are fortunate to have the love and support of the community and business is great because of them. Without them there is no Midway.”

Musical acts range from an array of musicians from Hardcore punk to classical guitar enthusiasts.

A community geared toward musical and artistic flair the Craft House caters to Dentonites as well UNT students. “It’s totally Denton,” Deji says. “We are the only growler bar, craft beer store, convenience store venue in the whole city.”

IMG_4172Millennial Falcon at Midway Craft House | Photo Credit: Erin Devany of All Hallows Productions

Midway Craft House convenience store is open Monday through Friday from 8-to-12am and Saturday 8-to-1am.

Growler bar Monday through Friday from 1pm-to-12am and Saturday 1m-to-1am.

Trivia Night every Tuesday from 8pm-10pm. and every Wednesday an open mic from 9pm-11pm.

Every two weeks the venue’s comedy show takes the stage before the open mic from 7:30pm-9pm. and twice a month Classical Guitar Show.

Contact Midway Craft House at: http://www.midwaycrafthouse.com/

Photo Credit: Erin Devany of All Hallows Productions

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