Cody Cannefax, iNcelta’s Music Time Capsule

Photos Credit: Jill Rasco

By: Juan R. Govea

With a musical background dating back to the mid-nineties to forming a 2004 jam band named Jance, Cody Cannefax recently debuted his new album titled Music Time Capsule under his alias iNcelta branding himself as a new solo artist in the DFW music scene.

iNcelta’s Music Time Capsule is the first solo album by Cannefax, carrying with it hours of fine tuning since late last January. Recorded in his home studio, the Burleson native is throwing himself back into the music scene after years of working out the bugs in the IT field.

img_3143Jeff Mount of Sessionworks mixed and mastered the tracks for what was formerly an original 6 song album, Cannefax says. After completing the fine tuning; Mount laying down drums on a song and tweaking a couple more; the newly released 9 track album, Music Time Capsule emerged.

For after nearly a year in his home studio spending eight hour days, Cannefax states he had “emerged himself into another world in song.”

Cannefax’s, “new world,” sets an instrumental scene. Developing different approaches such as slowing down music to half speeds, orchestrating high-pitched riffs and added synth solos for the intro track Lasserie and several other tracks, which somewhat welcomes listeners to journey through iNcelta’s, Music Time Capsule.

“It takes you on a rollercoaster of psychedelic funk,” Cannefax says by, “attributing the sounds of something like Prince’s funk and Pink Floyd’s psychedelic synths.”

img_3025The album is comprised with dramatic lyrics, as well, while manipulated alt synth sounds carry throughout the albums framework and organic intent blossoming throughout each song of iNcelta’s album. The Album conveys several emotions and resolved love through lyrical and instrumental beats, dramatic vocals and purposely altered sounds.

Listen to iNcelta on iTunes by clicking the link below.

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