Doctoring Up A Local DFW Band, Fernando Page, Enter The Lab

20170916_EnterTheLab_2XPR4217Fernando Page of Enter The Lab at End of Summer Fest at The Grotto in Fort Worth, TX
Photo Credit: Benjamin Oliver Hicks

By: Juan R Govea

Musical influences while in a band comes from many sources and outlets, with guitarists striking a kicker riff or a rhythmic drummers beat; some ways to describe the making of a band’s genre or sound.

Fernando Page of local Fort Worth Band Enter the Lab describes the bands evolution and inspirations from a band starting with three musical aficionados.

Lead singer/songwriter, Page, started this 2-year venture in 2015 with local trombonist Tom Urquhart and Drummer Dylan Rocamontes.

At the time Page’s studio work was somewhat difficult, while being surrounded by Metal heads; Page was determining the sound (genre) of his making band.

Page was developing color looking to perfect the sound that would evolve into Enter The Lab. “While being plummeted by Metal bands in the rehearsal studio and trying to develop a sound the Metal seemed to strike a chord,” he says.

Drummer, Rocamontes, 18 years old at the time encouraged the band to move forward; giving encouragement to the band, which allowed Rocamontes to find his own niche in the band, following through with the first emerging sounds of Enter the Lab, Page says

The band was gaining structure, with older members trying out new drummers, bassists; adding and outing former and new members due to non-commitment, but Page says that while there have been a few amount of musicians that have come and gone; the band gains inspiration from current and past members.

Current drummer, Jake Fincher, known as “Mr. Enter The Lab,” entered the band a little rusty after playing with local band Rum Punch. “He had missed a show but came back into the groove and that’s when I saw Jake for the first time.” Page says

The emerging drummer had a different sync, which Page says wasn’t exact with the lead guitar, but is also unnoticeable by the audience. “The sound pace with measures and being in sync were not exactly in beat but the music theory part of it would be interesting,” which Page said worked.

In 2016 Bassist Rob Blevins entered the lab as aka “Dr. Rob;” both Blevins and Page being big fans of Elvis Costello worked well together as Page says, “‘Dr. Rob’ had a Rolling Stones vibe, with similar riffs that could be compared to Eagles of Death Metal.”

As of Now, Belvins parted from Enter The Lab and now the band consists of lead guitar/lead vocals, Page, the high intensity vocals of Priscilla Nicholas, and drummer Jake Fincher. The band is currently in the process of looking for a new bassist, as well.

Enter the Lab has played several gigs in and around DFW, and have a strong following. Their next gig is at dive bar Tradewinds Social Club on Friday the 29th in Oak Cliff, Dallas. Page says the not-to-miss show will be Oct. 27 at The Ridglea Room with Moon Grave and Austin band Alien Knife Fight with the amazing bassist front woman, Monique Ortiz (A.K.A.C.O.D. Bourbon Princess) who has played with ex-Melvins Bassist Mark Deutrom in the Austin band Bellringer. The October show will also have media painter Krystal Smith doing a live expressionistic painting session as well.

Enter The Lab’s alt rock blues/punk sound has taken the band far across the metroplex, with influences not only from Elvis Costello or Rolling Stones, but also several DFW artist and bands. Page says Enter The Lab sound could be compared to as if The Toadies were to meet Weezer at a bar while Dinosaur Jr. jams out.


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