LCD Soundsystem review: En La Calle Is Reluctant In Doing Reviews, But We Did So Anyway


Optinon Review: Juan R Govea 

En La Calle Muisc & Lifestyle Magazine doesn’t write reviews, we hate writing reviews and don’t write reviews due to not writing the perception of the artist(s) intent. 

So this article, in a way, is just to influence readers to take a certain perspective upon approaching the new LCD Soundsystem album’s release on this date, August 31, 2017 entitled, American Dream.

Uhm, so from the reviewer, 35-year-old journalist and LCD Soundsystem fan this album does not favor a generation it missed. With LCD’s 2010 album This Is Happening followed by the 2011 disbandment announcement and April 2011 finale show in Madison Square garden, chronicled by the documentary Shut Up and Play The Hits, LCD somewhat gave their audience and fan base closure as well the groups accomplishment relief, but with somewhat of an expectation and or anticipation of a newly released album, which LCD did after the some odd years.

With titled tracks that trigger emotional chords, like “I Used To,” “Oh, Baby” or “Call The Police,” LCD carries the Albums accomplice of being somewhat the revolt to relatable first world issues comparable to James Murphy’s (lead singer) Brooklyn, NY, neighborhood, which have dwellers and LCD listeners on the outskirts of the American suburban regime having and experiencing somewhat of a residual, “American Dream.”

As for new LCD Soundsystem listeners I wish you well, but please consider listening to the 2002-2005 LCD early albums to grasp and encompass the trying times these albums elucidate before taking a listen to the newly a-for-mentioned release of American Dream.

That’s all of the review I care to give, but please judge and enjoy for yourselves! 


-Juan R. Govea | En La Calle Editor

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