Kristin Lindsley’s Pun-Intended Artistry 

New artist on the horizon is Kristin Lindsley. Painter and illustrator from Garland, TX, Lindsley’s pun-intended work characterizes food and other commodities into humorous illustrations. As well, her work cracks a smile to buyers, but Lindsley is also known for her hand crafted greeting cards, which have been a hit for local buyers.    “I’m inspired by jokes and bright colors. I’m working on a painting now called ‘Love is in the Derri-Air’”
   Lindsley uses acrylics paint along with watercolors and gives a digital essence to her work. 

       “Most of my paintings are in the 16×20″ range, but the one of the chattery teeth with sexy legs is 30×40,” she says. 

    “I adore Camilla D’errico’s work. And I like Jeff Skele’s stuff a lot too. He’s from Dallas or is now residing here.” 

Find more of her work on Instagram @PigmentsInABlanket. Pieces and commissions are available for purchase through Instagram, or her Etsy at ​ 

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