Better Now: Local Punk Emo EP In The Working

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Local Fort Worthians and post punk emo stars of the band Better Now; Lillian Cormack vocals; Louis Lopez lead guitar/vocals; Alex Weymier bass/backing vocals and Addison Nelson on Drums. Have played shows in and around DFW, out of state in the Midwest and as far North as Fargo, since 2015.

The Band has played an estimate of 60 shows in DFW, and approximately 20 out of state shows including festivals like Gainesville, Florida’s The Fest in October.

General manager and Bassist, Alex Weymier, said the band made their debut at Gatsby’s Mansion, a major punk venue in Denton, TX.

The band’s following has increased over the two or so years they’ve been together, but are trying to obtain a larger following in Dallas. The fan base in Denton trumps Fort Worth and Dallas attendees by a good margin, Weymier says.

“Denton has been good to us,” Weymier said, referring to Gatsby’s Mansion. “We do pretty well in Fort Worth, but best response is in Denton.”

Last year the group put out a few EPs, one with three acoustic versions of the bands original songs, which were independently released.

This year Better Now fans can expect a two-split record, which will be out on vinyl in July, with another release on a small label in Houston, Close Quarters Coalition, at the end of the year.

Weymier has played in a few bands in his time. Once as a bassist for Endless Sky with Brainhole Tapes’ star, Sammy Kidd on acoustic in 2013.

The band performed Friday, day one of Brainhole Festival along with several punk, Indy, emo and progressive bands at Lola’s Saloon in Fort Worth for Brainhole tapes’ three-day Brainhole Festival .

Gatsby’s Mansion photo credit: Michael Briggs.

Better Now

Fort Worth, TX Emo Punk

Addison, Alex, Lillian, and Louis

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